Anest Iwata Airfed Mask Kit – NEW

£219.00 Excl. VAT

  • Excellent all-round visibility and large visor
  • Head protection and comfort headband
  • Visor with quick-change protection film
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Airfed Mask Kit
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The new for 2020 Anest Iwata Airfed Mask Kit is a functional, stylish and essential piece of equipment for any modern spray booth or workshop and is suitable for use with previously filtered compressed air.

Anest Iwata Airfed Mask Kit – Excellent Levels of Protection

One of the biggest risks to the health of the human body is the inhalation of dust, paint mists, gases, vapours or other contaminants, which can be greatly hazardous to our health, even in small quantities. For this reason, if your job involves working within environments where you could be exposed to such hazardous particles, it is of extreme importance to use equipment such as this Anest Iwata Airfed Mask to protect yourself against respiratory risks. This Anest Iwata Airfed Mask offers excellent personal protection to always ensure your respiratory safety in all kind of environments.

The Anest Iwata Airfed Mask Kit will provide protection against airborne dusts, mists, gases and vapours. The system offers respiratory protection to class 3 and offers a protection factor of up to 200. This means it can be used in areas where the concentration of contaminant in the workplace air is up to 200 times the Occupational Exposure Limit (O. E. L.).


Anest Iwata is a leading producer of spray guns in the world. Base in Japan they manufacture a Japanese manufacturer of air compressors, coating equipment and systems, and vacuum pump and liquid application equipment.

At a glance

  • Floating headband adjustment for maximum comfort
  • Comfort sweatband
  • Easily adjustable headband ratchet
  • Wide vision vizor
  • Cartridge type vision cassette
  • Replaceable vizor cover
  • Low noise air diffuser
  • Air filter regulator mounted on pliable bracket that moulds to the body
  • Carbon filter
  • Adjustable air control regulator
  • Visual airflow check
  • 1,25 metre hose (inner ø 8 mm) for HVLP spray gun
  • Air regulator 1 bar pre-set
  • Downward airflow for greater comfort


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