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  1. BAXT Spraytec S4 Painters Overall

    • Silicone-free, lint-free
    • PPE CAT.I
    • Original Dupont Teflon Coating (water- & dirt-repellent)
    From £29.95
  2. BAXT Mutton Cloth Roll - 800g

    Soft white stockinette polishing cloth

  3. BAXT D6 150mm Velcro Abrasive Disc 15-Hole

    • 30% longer service life - With a unique combination of sanding grit, material bonding, and surface technology to minimise clogging, the D6 lasted 30% longer than comparable products under intensive testing
    • Advanced dust extraction - The 15 hole pattern and anti-clog coating ensures faster removal or dust. This means less airborne particles, which results in fewer stoppages and longer tool life!
    • Tough abrasive grains - The abrasive grit is the core part of the D6, and here top quality aluminium oxide grains are used. This offers exceptional material removal on even the most demanding surfaces: especially scratch-proof clearcoats & primers
    From £17.02
  4. BAXT C7 Disposable Coverall

    • 30% more breathable than Tyvek
    • 80% less liquid penetration than Tyvek
    • Excellent breathability and comfort
    From £3.17
  5. BAXT DX6 150mm Velcro Abrasive Film Disc 15 Hole (50)

    Flexible Film Backing
    The polyester film backing of the DF6 creates a flexible, even abrasive surface which delivers an ultra smooth finish. Film discs last up to 3 times longer than paper backed discs and can be used for wet sanding.

    From £28.95
  6. BAXT PS1 Flexible Paint Cup System

    Quick & Simple
    The PS1 replaces the traditional need for a separate paint mixing pot and paper filter. The two-piece system mixing cup and lid screw directly onto the gun saving time and dramatically increasing paint shop efficiency.

    From £34.50
  7. BAXT S6 150mm Abrasive Sponge Disc (Box 15)

    The S6 disc is a specialist product developed for sanding not only smooth flat surfaces but also rounded surfaces, corners and sharp edges. Its flexible design creates a smooth sanding pattern on
    angled surfaces and edges but reduces the risk of pressure marks.

    From £24.78
  8. BAXT R3 77mm Velcro Abrasive Roll (25m)

    Consistent sanding
    Precision manufacturing techniques ensure a regular grain size and a uniform depth & spread of grit over the entire surface of the paper. This creates more even sanding, a cleaner finish and less refinishing work.

    From £25.60
  9. BAXT R4 115mm Velcro Abrasive Roll (25m)

    Consistent sanding
    Precision manufacturing techniques ensure a regular grain size and a uniform depth & spread of grit over the entire surface of the paper. This creates more even sanding, a cleaner finish and less refinishing work.

    From £39.05
  10. BAXT SP1 Finishing Pads 152 x 229mm

    Strong & Robust
    The cushioned, three dimensional properties of the SP1 abrasive means its resistant to tearing and loading and ideal for cleaning and preparation work on many irregular surfaces.

    From £5.20
  11. BAXT SR3 Finishing Roll 100mm x 10m

    Strong & Robust
    The cushioned, three-dimensional properties of the SP1 abrasive means it's resistant to tearing and loading and ideal for cleaning and preparation work on many irregular surfaces.

    From £16.70

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