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  1. The Top 3 DeVilbiss Spray Guns On The Market

    The Top 3 DeVilbiss Spray Guns On The Market

    Looking For Your Next DeVilbiss Spray Gun But Don't Know Where To Start? Look No Further, These Are The Top 3 DeVilbiss Models On The Market In Our Opinion. DeVilbiss are a company that has amassed a formidable reputation over the years in the finishing industries. Their products are trusted and relied upon by countless professionals in the finishing industries...

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  2. Personal Protection Clothing (PPE) For The Paint Shop

    Personal Protection Clothing (PPE) For The Paint Shop

    Paint Shop Protective Clothing Essentials Explained The legal requirements for safety clothing and equipment in paint shops have never been stricter than they are today. There is a whole host of regulations and requirements that employers and operators are required to adhere to. Some of these regulations may seem inconvenient and even occasionally over the top. But they are all...

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  3. Mirka Abrasives Buying Guide

    Mirka Abrasives Buying Guide

    Mirka, which has been in business for over 30 years, has become the world’s biggest producer of coated abrasives. They manufacture a wide assortment of products, which are suitable for individual applications or full-scale sanding systems. We recognise Mirka as a leading, reputable brand in the industry and are proud to offer a diverse selection of Mirka abrasives that are...

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  4. Marine Abrasives For Sanding Fibreglass, Gelcoat and GRP

    Marine Abrasives For Sanding Fibreglass, Gelcoat and GRP

    Choosing the ideal abrasive for the task at hand is vital for achieving a professional finish Those working in the marine industry will quickly realise the importance of their equipment. Without the appropriate marine abrasive, you will have an extremely difficult time attempting to achieve the precise finish that is desired. Achieving a perfectly smooth finish on fibreglass or glass...

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  5. BAXT Abrasives Buying Guide

    BAXT Abrasives Buying Guide

    The range of abrasive products offered by BAXT has raised the bar by offering a premium range with competitive pricing   BAXT manufacture a wide assortment of abrasives and are quickly becoming a global leader in superior sanding and finishing products. BAXT strive to not only match the market-leading products but surpass them by innovating key unique features. This has...

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  6. Masking Film And Masking Tape Buyers Guide

    Masking Film And Masking Tape Buyers Guide

    Are you overspending and still suffering with overspray? Read on! As any professional in the finishing industries should already know, it pays to invest in quality masking products. Many of us have made the mistake of trying out the less expensive products, but as with most things - you really do get what you pay for. You need a product...

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  7. 3M Abrasives Buying Guide

    3M Abrasives Buying Guide

    3M are one of the top global finishing brands, here is a guide to selection for their more popular abrasive products.   When carrying out finishing projects and tasks either small or large, your abrasive tools and consumables have a huge impact on your desired finish and time taken to achieve it. 3M abrasive products offer premium solutions for almost...

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  8. Anest Iwata Spray Gun Buying Guide

    Anest Iwata Spray Gun Buying Guide

    Anest Iwata Produce Some Of The Finest Spraying Equipment Available. We Are A Proud Stockist Of These Stunning Spray Guns   Anest Iwata is one of the leading spray equipment manufacturers in the world. They have nearly a century of experience in making high quality, spray guns, air fed respiratory protection and more. Throughout the years they have earned...

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  9. Electric Polishers Buying Guide

    Electric Polishers Buying Guide

    We supply electric polishers to a range of industries, here are 4 of our favourites and why: As anyone in the finishing industries will probably already know, there is a huge amount of variation in the quality of different electric polishers. If you do a little research and get one of the good ones, you can save yourself countless hours...

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