There are heaps of abrasive ranges out there for the composites industry, and it is always a job to pick through the marketing and see which really are worth the cost….

CARBONite™ is the new buzz-word in the composites industry, synonymous with superior sanding quality and a premium finish. But it’s far more than just a name – here we investigate just why this next-level range of abrasives is a must-have for the composite professional…

BAXT passionately believes in having its products professionally tested to industry standards against alternatives that are widely available on the market. The results were highly revealing – CARBONite™ removed 20% more than the closest competitor product, and lasted up to 40% longer. It goes without saying that this means less replacements so money savings over time.

CARBONite™ is readily available as discs, rolls and strips in all the popular grits, meaning its ideal for a wide variety of applications. Sanding accessories, such as blocks, are readily available from DTC.

Nobody likes an untidy workshop, so CARBONite™ comes in a durable dispenser box, simply lift the lid to retrieve your abrasives. Rolls come pre-wound, just pull a length out and tear off… gone are the days of rolls lying everywhere – the boxes easily fit on the shelf.

There are an astonishingly wide variety of sanders out there, all with different size pads and all for different applications – everyone has their own preference as to what is best. However CARBONite™ is available in a wide variety of sizes and hole numbers – so anyone with a common sander can experience the power of purple for themselves.

Ripping has got to be one of the most annoying things that can happen during sanding, but with CARBONite™ it’s no worries, the wear and tear backing ensures the discs stand up to the job, and last out as you’d expect, meaning you have to purchase replacements less often.

To experience CARBONite™ for yourself, click here to apply for a sample pack containing a range of grits, or view the CARBONite™ product pages (where it is available to buy) here.