Maintaining Safety Standards Around Carbon Fibre

More people than ever before are working with carbon fibre, most of which are using the required protective clothing and equipment. However, there is still a large chunk of the workforce that are putting themselves at risk by not taking adequate measures to protect against the hazards of this material.


This is one of the most effective and efficient methods of removing dust and can dramatically reduce risk to operators. What makes on tool extraction so good is that the extraction happens extremely close to where the dust is being created. This means that the vast majority of it is removed and out of harm’s way before it becomes airborne and enters the atmosphere of your workshop. It’s clean, it’s efficient, and it’s reasonably inexpensive.

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Their cost-effective nature combined with their incredible extraction potential keeps workshops clean, and workers safe.

Once you’ve extracted the carbon fibre your next job is to filter the particulate out. When working with certain kinds of carbon fibre the resins used can be flammable and explosive. You shouldn’t just use any old filter – you need to ensure they are ATEX compliant.

A highly popular extraction method that benefits from collecting the particulate close to the source. Though not always as efficient as on tool extraction.

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