BAXT Unwrap New 5 Layer Spray Booth Wall Protector Like No Other

Designed to save busy paint shops considerable time and money in protecting their booths from overspray. The WP10 Spray Booth Wallpaper promises fast, painless and accessory-free application which will be music to the ears of the nation’s paint shop managers.

This new booth protector has several never-before-seen features rendering it almost incomparable to other solutions available to date. Perhaps the most distinctive of unique benefits is the five-layer construction which delivers five fresh layers of protection, when one layer becomes overly saturated it’s a simple case of tear and go. BAXT claim that this unique design makes it one of the longest lasting solutions available.

WP10 Spray Booth Wall Protection Roll

“Having replaced, refurbished and installed a multitude of spray booths and clean rooms over the past 20 years, I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the answer to a common pain point in maintaining a clean, productive and efficient spray booth.” Warwick Binks, Head of Product Development at BAXT.

Fast and easy application is another bold benefit worthy of note. BAXT claim there is no need for additional purchase of costly applicators or adhesive products. Some booth preparation may still be required prior to application, BAXT include helpful instructions with every roll to ensure maximum performance. The roll is housed in a study and practical box dispenser which makes applying the product a painless experience. Click here to watch a demonstration of the product being applied.

Southampton based Direct Tool Company who are the first distributors to offer BAXT to the UK market had this to say:

“This could be the greatest spray booth protection innovation of the decade, we’re really excited to be introducing this unique product to all manner of paint shops across the country.” Lloyd Russell, Marketing Manager at Direct Tool Company Ltd.

Click here to find out more about the WP10 Spray Booth Wall Protector.

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