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  1. Correction Pen

    • Discount if 3 or more bought
  2. Mitre Fast Bonding Kit - Standard

    • Instant bond 
    • Suitable for woods  rubber and most plastics
  3. Sikaflex 295UV Sealer - Black

    SIKAFLEX 295UV is designed for marine plastic window glazing where a high level of UV-resistance is required as it has a great degree of elasticity. SIKAFLEX 295UV has exactly the right consistency to maintain the required bond line thickness, thus ensuring that thermal movements in plastic glazing panels are absorbed progressively, without any stress build-up.

    From £29.85
  4. Loctite 577 Threadseal - 50ml

    • The all-rounder - general purpose liquid thread sealant for sealing metal thread
    • Suitable for metal threads only
    • Instant low pressure seal
  5. SIKA-208 CLEANER 1 Litre

    A cleaner to remove uncured Sikaflex from glass, metal, brushes and tools.

  6. Rhino Tubs

    • 20 litre capacity
  7. Protection Foam

    • Supplied in rolls of 200m
  8. Polythene Protection Foam

    • 2 lengths available
    From £45.36
  9. Silicone Grease

    Supplied in 400ml containers

  10. Silicone Spray

    • Sold in 400ml Containers
  11. Copper Grease

    • High temperature range: -40°C to +1100°C.
    • Protects against rust, oxidation and other corrosion.

Showing 1-12 of 448 results

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