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Dust Extraction Solution for major Industrial Equipment Supplier In Salisbury

A loyal customer of DTC was looking to improve working conditions at a multi-station manufacturing site by installing a new dust extraction system. The company uses resin and composite materials to create extremely robust washroom solutions. after nearly 6 months of struggling to agree on a suitable supplier, DTC got the call.

Regional sales Manager Alfie Suckling received the initial brief on a pre-planned site visit and was able to share a quotation in less than 24 hours. After the quote was approved, DTC were on site the very next day! The speed and efficiency shown in reacting to the job appealed greatly to the customer. likewise, so did DTC’s flexible working agreement. The company had a limited window for work to take place, as well as requiring support moving existing key machinery (including a curing oven). DTC’s ability to work to a schedule that suited the customer proved to be a winning formula.

In terms of the project itself, DTC were able to manage the entire process from start to finish. This included fitting an integral dust extraction system with overhead modules for air and electrical supply, as well as filter cleaning equipment, a high pressure dust extractor and cyclone reciprocal.

The customer was visibly chuffed when asked about the project, expressing that DTC’s arrival had stopped the “heart palpitations” that were becoming more and more frequent when faced with an internal deadline but no external support in sight. Through professional coordination and expert installation, DTC managed everything with precision. Their attention to detail resulted in a fantastic working environment that was on-time and within budget.

In fact, the business is so pleased with the efficiencies and cost savings that they have pledged to update the remainder of the work stations in the factory – all despite a potential move in the near future. The only difficult decision left to make is which members of the team get to use the new resources first!

Whether you are looking for a specific tool or a new dust extraction system, there is no job too big or small for DTC. Our driven and dedicated support team are here to help and will go to extreme lengths to ensure you’re able to keep on working. DTC are a solutions provider you can believe in.
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