Are The New Disposable Paint Shop Coveralls From BEST Finique Too Good For The Bin?

BEST Finique (formerly known as BEST Products) continue to reinvent everyday personal protection clothing with the paint shop consumer in mind. Whether you work in an accident repair workshop or carry out refinishing work on stunning super yachts, BEST are busy working on PPE solutions with you at the heart of their product development.

The latest version of their C7 Disposable Coveralls claims to be constructed from technically advanced materials and coatings which have proven to exceed comfort and performance of the popular market leaders. Before launching the new full body protective coverall BEST had the product professionally tested to ensure industry standards were met.

Moisture Vapour Permeability Test Results

BEST proved to be 30% more breathable than the market leading paint shop coverall manufacturer. This test measures the amount of moisture vapour emitted through the fabric from the inside. Thus the higher the number the more comfortable the garment.

Disposable Paint Shop Coverall

Hydrostatic Head Test Results

The BEST Finique disposable coveralls allowed 80% less liquid penetration than the market leading option. This test measures the height of a column of liquid on the fabric, before penetration through the fabric is recorded. Obviously the higher the column the more protective the fabric.

The impressive test findings are a result of a technically advanced film coating which is able to offer both exceptional breathability and protection levels.

“Paint shop coverall manufacturers have traditionally battled for the ideal balance between breathability and protection. We are convinced that the BEST Finique White Disposable Coveralls are the ultimate option for any paint shop environment.” Explains Rick Wakeford, Sales Director of Direct Tool Company.

The new disposable coveralls offer maximum strength seams and feature a three-piece gusset which offers additional strength, reduced risk of tearing and enhanced longevity of the suit. The virtually lint free construction dramatically reduces the risk of contamination when handling paint, filler and other products commonly used in the paint shop.

Fully certified disposable coveralls to EN 14126, the hooded full body design is to protect from both dust and splash hazards and deliver category 3 type 5/6 protection.

About BEST Finique

BEST Finique are a relatively young brand of high-end surface finishing consumables tailored for usage in a multitude of surface finishing industries, from superyacht builders to composite part manufacturers and everything in between. BEST continue to expand their prevalent range of consumable products to the market at highly competitive prices.

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