Bank Holiday Bonanza For DTC


Bank Holiday Bonanza For DTC

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A customer in Liverpool had been booked to carry out repair work on wind turbines offshore. After contacting suppliers in Holland (as well as Germany) with their wish list of approximately 35 product lines, they were told 10 days were not enough to complete the job. That is when DTC got the call…

Senior Customer Support Manager, Mark Francis, knew that only 5 product lines were already in stock at DTC’s main warehouse in Southampton, but that did not stop him committing to the customer.

“I knew because of the contract our customer had, that everything needed to be loaded on to a boat that was docking in Holland on Wednesday 29th May – there was no room for error”.

Mark worked tirelessly to source all the remaining product lines before enjoying the bank holiday break. The quote was eventually approved…but on Monday 27th May!

With just 24 hours to arrange the fulfillment of all products lines and dispatch to Holland, the pressure was well and truly on! A specialist courier left DTC’s warehouse at 5pm on Tuesday 28th May, delivering to Holland at 10am on Wednesday 29th May.

Though an extremely tough ask, Mark believes this case study typifies the spirit and work-ethic of DTC: “we had the specialist knowledge to source the right tools for the job, the contacts to get them delivered on time and the desire to carry out the request quicker than competitors just a few miles away”.

A great achievement for the DTC team who, even in the rare circumstances where the warehouse does not stock something, have a specialist team of procurement professionals who are able to meet the customer’s exact requirements.

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