Southampton, United Kingdom 31/03/2017: BEST, the new kid on the block in the world of refinishing consumables have just revealed a new flexible paint cup system which eliminates the traditional requirement of additional paint mixing pot and paper filter. This latest innovation from BEST launches this Monday (3rd of April).

e 9427 3The inventive PS1 two-piece paint cup system allows for paint to be mixed directly in the cup which according to BEST leads to greater paint shop efficiency and guarantees a cost-effective job. The system is suitable for all applications of primer, basecoat, clear coat and compatible with both solvent and water-based paints.e 9427 1

BEST have carefully engineered their flexible paint cup system to not only suit every popular spray gun on the market but have also implemented a simple closed airlock system which allows the spray gun to function at any angle.

BEST claim that minimal waste is ensured thanks to the collapsible cup which can even be reused for future painting tasks and securely storing paint with the use of a simple cup stopper.

Could the old school inefficient methods of separate mixing pots and paper filtration become a thing of the past? It certainly looks possible thanks to emerging innovations from paint shop consumable manufacturers like BEST.

“The PS1 Flexible Cup System didn’t come about overnight, we have been working closely with some of the industries most recognised names and work hard to introduce improvements to the competing products on the market.” Explains Chris Long, Operations Manager at the BEST Headquarters, Southampton.

About BEST Products

BEST are an established supplier of specialist refinishing products for the marine, automotive and composite engineering industries. Their products are used widely throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. The catchy slogan “…insist on it” is synonymous with the brand’s ambition of becoming a global leading supplier of consumables for paint shops throughout the country.

Other recent innovations from BEST

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