BEST Products just brought out a brand new high density extra strong clear masking film designed to offer advanced protection from paint over-spray. The constant struggle with fiddly masking film, frustrating paint shop professionals across the country could have met its match with this exciting new innovation from masking film SM4 Supamask

The SUPAMASK by BEST has been through the stringent tests across technologically advanced workshops within Aviation, Automotive and Composite Manufacturing centres across the nation. Since endearing the approval from the handpicked industry specialists, BEST is busy rolling out this exciting new product development across their numerous key accounts.

Static cling technology ensures an almost immediate and comprehensive masking of the ‘clean zone’. The 10 micron polythene structure ensures maximum durability and a tear resistant composition; while a soft flexing design ensures good drape and conformability.

Rated to 150°C the SUPAMASK is ideal for working with two-tone paint applications for automobiles, yachts, aviation projects, buses, trains and trucks. This masking film is also suitable for use with infrared and Symach drying making it an ideal solution for paint booth cycles.

best masking film supamaskTraditional fibrous paper masking products often lead to contamination which diminishes the finish of painting procedures. These same contaminants can lead to weaker moldings in composite manufacturing wreaking havoc on the long-term strength of moldings. The new solution by BEST combats this with an advanced polythene solution which not only eliminates contamination but also is far softer in structure which will eliminate any unnecessary scratching of clear coat and other common protective layers. This masking solution also offers greater resistance to bleed through of paint and other solvents when compared with the paper options.

Supplied in a 4 metre roll with an easy feed dispenser box which ensures maximum ease of use, even for one person applications. This masking film is a superb solution for contamination free painting when nothing short of perfection is required.


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