Thank you NHS

Thank you NHS

At DTC, amongst all the current challenges, uncertainly and confusion that we’re facing as a society due to Coronavirus, we wanted to take the opportunity to pause for a moment, and say a huge heartfelt thank you to the NHS and the incredible health and care staff that power its brilliance.

For all your commitment, amazing work, late nights and long shifts, we thank you for constantly going above and beyond to keep us safe.

To all doctors, nurses, carers, paramedics, health care assistants, manager, cleaners, porters, administrators, pharmacists, to all on the front line and behind the scenes – thank you.

We are so lucky to have access to such a high-quality healthcare system, full of individuals who truly care for our wellbeing and will do everything they can to ensure our safety. The NHS has saved countless lives and, over the coming weeks and months, is going to save many, many more.

We hope you’ll stand with us and join us in thanking everyone in the NHS.

Together, we’ll keep on working.

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