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  1. 3M Perfect-It Gelocoat Heavy Cutting Compound (946ml)

    • 3M’s fastest-cutting gelcoat formula for removing heavy oxidation and P800 scratches
    • Formula provides longer wet time for extended product life and easier cleanup
    • Suitable for all gelcoat surfaces including marine, RV and industrial
  2. 3M Marine Paste & Wax

    • Ultra-high performance surface wax for marine applications
    • Leaves high gloss finish on fiberglass gel coats and topside paint
    • 3M polymer technology provides durability, water beading and soil release properties
  3. Synthetic Brush

    100% Synthetic bristle for long life and no bristle loss.
    High paint loading for outstanding coverage.
    Flagged bristles for smooth paint release and fine finish.

    From £2.13
  4. Premium Synthetic Brush

    These Faithfull Superflow Paint Brushes have synthetic bristles which are made from TECHNOFIL® filaments and which guarantee excellent performance with no bristle loss. Fitted with a 'Kaiser' style lacquered wooden handle for user comfort, these brushes offer superb performance with all modern water based paints. Can also be used with all other types of paint.

    From £2.75
  5. Flexible Filling Boards

    Have you ever been mid-way through a large exhausting refinishing project and asked yourself "there must be an easier way!"? We now stock a full range of Flexible filling boards which can dramatically reduce the time taken to carry out extensive filling of hulls. The unique design of these innovative filling boards make it possible to acomplish a perfect and even result after just a single pass.

    From £98.18
  6. White PVC Tape

    Strong hold weather resistant white tape designed mainly for creating polythene tent setups for carrying out yacht repairs and painting procedures.

    From £4.06
  7. Syringe

    • Choice of sizes
    • Guaranteed sterility
    • Long shelf-life
    From £0.37
  8. Empty Paint Tins

    • Top quality lever lid paint tins.
    • Suitable for paints, laquers etc.
    • Ideal for storing, transporting and decanting liquids with aggressive properties including industry applications such as adhesives, solvents, varnishes and chemicals.
    From £1.50
  9. Roller and Tray Set

    • Good all round performance
    • Suitable for smooth and semi-rough surfaces
    • Plastic handle push fit 38mm (1½") frame
    From £7.77
  10. Polyamide Rollers (10)

    • Woven Polyamide Fabric
    • For Water Based Interior Coatings inc Emulsion
    • Ideal For Uneven Surfaces
    From £6.98
  11. Foam Rollers (10)

    • Foam is made from the highest density material and will give a superior finish
    • For the application of 2 pack epoxy resins, gloss paints, varnishes, primers and resin paints
    From £8.10

Showing 1-12 of 63 results

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