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Spray Guns & Accessories

Spray Guns & Accessories

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  1. DeVilbiss PRI Pro Lite Primer Spraygun

    • Suitable for all paints including latest generation waterbase materials
    • First class atomisation and material distribution
    • Large spray pattern for fast and easy application
    From £269.00
  2. DeVilbiss GTi Pro Suction Spraygun

    • Suitable for use with a suction cup or pumps, tanks or remote feed cups.
    • Three compliant air cap choices to suit solids, metallics, bases and clears.
    • Three suction nozzle sizes for varying viscosities and control preferences.
    From £379.00
  3. Spraygun Pots

    Full range of replacement spraygun pots to suit most popular models

    From £14.59
  4. Anest Iwata W400 Spraygun

    Low air volume
    General purpose

    Certificate of Compliance issued by THATCHAM certifies that
    "Transfer Efficiency" achieved with the materials detailed in the test report were:

    PRIMER : 92.0 %
    SOLID COLOUR: 76.9%<
    SYSTEM: 84.5%

    PRIMER : 92.0%
    BASECOAT: 76.9%
    CLEAR LACQUER: 74.7%
    SYSTEM: 81.0%

    Ideal for spray painting in the body shop sector
    Light and handy: only 440 g.
    Twilight chrome body finish

    From £219.00
  5. SATA Spray Gun Case - Case with foam insert

    • Compartments for up to 5 SATA spray guns with Sata Adam 2 docks attached, and gravity paint cups.
    • Other compartments for SATA accessories.
    • Locking latch type case with black handle.
  6. Anest Iwata W200 Spraygun - Pressure Pot 1.5

    • Air pressure: 2.0 bar
    • Air consumption: 360 Nl/min
    • Fluid output: 255 ml/min
  7. Anest Iwata W300 Compact Spraygun - 1.3mm

    • Twilight chrome plated body
    • High transfer efficiency (up to 90%)
    • Low air consumption: 190 l/min
  8. Suction Spraygun Filters

    Perfect for cleaning the inside and outside of spray guns after use. Can be used with thinners and cleaning solvents.

  9. Witches Hat Spraygun Strainers - pack 3

    These spraygun strainers, also known as "witches hats" because of their appearance fit in the suction pipe of the spray gun and come with a retraining clip to ensure a secure fit.

  10. Touch up tips

    • Pack of 100
    • Non linting fibre
    • Touch up size of down to 1/8 of a drop without dripping or spitting

Showing 25-36 of 50 results

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