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Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing

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  1. Safety Helmet - White hard hat

    Safety Helmet - White hard hat

    • Includes a rain gutter to channel water away from the helmet and face
    • Easily adjustable to fit head size of between 530 and 630mm
    • Conforms to EN397:1995 + A1:2000
  2. Bump Cap

    Bump Cap

    • Size 58 - 68cm
    • 6 top ventilation holes
    • High density polyethylene liner
  3. Tyvek Hood

    Tyvek Hood

    • Tyvek disposable hood
    • One piece design
    • Elastic around neck and face
  4. Tyvek Oversleeve - Oversleeve - pair

    Tyvek Oversleeve - Oversleeve - pair

    • Tyvek disposable sleeve covers allowing arm protection
    • 50cm (18") length
    • Sold as 1 pair
  5. Tyvek Overshoes - pair

    Tyvek Overshoes - pair

    • Disposable Overshoes in tough Tyvek material
    • Stitched-in slip retardant sole
    • Anti-static treatment
  6. Comfort Knee Pads - pair

    Comfort Knee Pads - pair

    • Heavy duty knee pads offering full comfort
    • Made from hard wearing rubber
    • Adjustable strap
  7. Thermal Gloves

    Thermal Gloves

    • General thermal glove for extra comfort & warmth
    • Lined
  8. Thermal Hat

    Thermal Hat

    • Thermal hatfor extra comfort & warmth
    • Lined
  9. Furniture Hide Rigger Gloves

    Furniture Hide Rigger Gloves

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  10. Disposable Trousers

    Disposable Trousers

    • Antistatic
    • Lightweight breathable material
    From £3.38
  11. Waterproof Suit

    Waterproof Suit

    • PVC on Polyester one-piece suit
    • Zip front with studded storm flap
    • Welded seams
    From £17.70
  12. Nylon Washable Coveralls

    Nylon Washable Coveralls

    • Anti-dust
    • Anti-static
    • Elasticated wrists and ankles for extra protection
    From £24.77
  13. Hi-Viz Vest

    Hi-Viz Vest

    • High visibility waistcoat made from a strong polyester
    • With retroreflective stipes to minimum Class 1 requirements
    • Velcro fastenings
    From £4.96
  14. BAXT C7 Disposable Coverall (PAINTER)

    BAXT C7 Disposable Coverall (PAINTER)

    The Test BS3424: Part 34: Method 37 Moisture Vapour Permeability. This test measures the amount of Moisture Vapour emitted through the fabric from the inside. Thus the higher the number the more comfortable the garment.

    The Test BS EN20811 - Hydrostatic Head. This test measures the height of a column of liquid on the fabric, before penetration through the fabric is recorded. Obviously the higher the column the more protective the fabric.

    A seam produced when three threads are interlocked around the raw edges of two pieces of fabric.

    The material provides market leading breathability and protection levels.

    Reduces risk of contamination to paint or other materials used.

    Resistance to infectious agents.

    SUITABLE FOR DUST....and splash applications.

    gives extra strength, reduces risk of tearing and increases longevity of the suit.

    CE TYPES 5 & 6


    From £4.95
  15. Premium Disposable Coverall

    Premium Disposable Coverall

    High quality disposablce coverall for professional use

    From £4.95
  16. DuPont Tyvek Classic Hooded Coverall

    DuPont Tyvek Classic Hooded Coverall

    • Elasticated Cuffs
    • Full-Length Front Zip
    • Suitable for Asbestos Abatement & Chemical Handling
    From £5.95
  17. Professional Foam Knee Pads

    Professional Foam Knee Pads

    • Adjustable fastening straps ensure snug fit
    • High quality
    • Surface is cut and tear resistant
  18. Professional Gel Knee Pads

    Professional Gel Knee Pads

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  19. Work T-shirt Black/Grey

    Work T-shirt Black/Grey

    • Range of sizes available
    • 100% polyester fabric
    • Lightweight and breathable
    From £15.71
  20. Safety Wellington Boots Black

    Safety Wellington Boots Black

    • High grade blend of PVC and Nitrile Rubber
    • Range of sizes available
    • Anti-static, energy absorbant soles
    From £19.97
  21. Overshoes With Sole

    Overshoes With Sole

    • - microporous film material 
    • - elastic
    • - antistatic
  22. Disposable Aprons

    Disposable Aprons

    • Comes on a roll (100 aprons)
    • Food-safe
    • Made from blue shade polythene
  23. Overshoes - Disposable Blue - 16 Inch (100)

    Overshoes - Disposable Blue - 16 Inch (100)

    Overshoes Disposable Cater Safe Blue Size:16" Case of 100

23 Items results

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