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Anest Iwata W400 Bellaria

Product Details

Anest Iwata W400 Bellaria Spray Gun is the new and improved version of the W400. "Bellaria" literally translates as "Beautiful Air" in Italian. This improved version of the W400 has further improved the outstanding LV2 air cap by introducting two unique new air caps with Flat & Thin™ technology.

With no baffles or seals required there are less parts to go wrong and and need replacing. Combine this with such a low cfm air usage and you have one of the most economical spray guns on the marke .

  • Only 250/270 litres/min air consumption, giving the sprayer an excellent control of the fluid build
  • Stable, large and compact pattern shape
  • Perfect for Clear Coat HS

Other features include

  • Fluid passages in stainless steel
  • Adjustable TEFLON needle-packing
  • One valve for fluid and air
  • Responsive Trigger action
  • Twilight chrome plated body 
  • 1.3mm £198.00
  • 1.4mm £198.00
  • 1.2mm £198.00