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BEST PS1 Flexible Paint Cup System

Product Details

Quick & Simple
The PS1 replaces the traditional need for a separate paint mixing pot and paper filter. The two-piece system mixing cup and lid screw directly onto the gun saving time and dramatically increasing paint shop efficiency.

Easy to use
This self-contained system ensures no leaks and reduces the risk of contamination from outside. Spray gun cleaning is greatly reduced thanks to the disposable cup.

The collapsible cup ensures minimum waste whilst still being easy to re-fill or store unused paint for future use. This, together with increased user efficiency, offers significant cost and time savings

The PS1 can be used for all applications of primer, basecoat and clearcoat. Its unique design means the spray gun functions at any angle and paint can be sprayed in awkward areas which are difficult to reach.

Read the news story on this groundbreaking new paint cup system.


Introductory Kit

5 x Boxes BEST Paint Cups
3 x Spraygun Adaptors
5 x Measuring Cups
2 x BEST Cup stoppers



  • Introductory kit £198.00
  • Standard 600ml (box 45)
    From £39.90 - £49.90
    Quantity Unit Price
    1-4 £49.90
    5-9 £45.90
    10+ £39.90
  • PS1 Cup Stoppers (100)
    From £27.99 - £34.50
    Quantity Unit Price
    1-3 £34.50
    4-9 £31.99
    10+ £27.99