Project Overview

Project: P10981

Type: Boom Arm

Size: 19 Terminals

On Budget: Yes

On Schedule: Yes

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Boom arm extraction terminal workshop setup

The use of boom arm terminals in boat building workshops is fairly typical, this setup is great for driving efficiency when space is tight. The boom arms can be either static or maneuverable depending on the workshop’s requirements. We have fitted out workshops in all kinds of shape and size with various setups tailored to suit their individual requirement.


Declutter your workshop and drive efficiency with bespoke boom arms to suit your manufacturing processes

Boom arm terminals can be fitted with just about anything you could think of, some just require dust or fume extraction whilst others go all out with electricity points and compressed air. Containing all the air hoses, power cables and extraction hoses within the boom arm terminals not only declutters and uplifts the working environment but will dramatically improve the safety for your workforce.

Dividing the workshop up into mini individual terminals is easily achievable and cost effective with the use of boom arms. Operators always appreciate their own space and are more likely to maintain their working area when it is clearly defined like this. The result is a better organised, tidy and efficient working environment.


Types of business benefitting from boom arm setups

Workshops carrying out any form of composite refinishing process could quickly see a benefit from this type of setup. Boom arms installed with extraction points, electricity and or compressed air would cater for the common messy refinishing procedures such as cutting and sanding. Fume extraction could also be incorporated in the terminal which would cater for the hazardous fumes from adhesives and painting etc.

We have installed this type of setup into numerous marine customers covering yacht refit workshops, luxury yacht builders and boat repair/refinishing businesses. Dust extraction is a key motive for these production managers to adopt such a system due to the hazardous nature of glass reinforced plastics (GRP) and fiberglass reinforced plastics (FGRP).


What’s involved?

We will visit your site for a free consultation where we discuss your requirement and offer a suitable solution and quote. Give us a call to book your consultation, we can procure a suitable boom arm system to suit any requirement and will project manage the whole installation to ensure the job is completed on time and budget.

Case Study | Naval Shipyard

We recently undertook the below installation project for a local shipyard who's production facility urgently required some modernisation. We fit out the workshop with 19 terminals for the 19 operators to carry out their composite part finishing tasks (cutting, grinding, sanding etc.)

The terminals were fully fit out with dust extraction, electricity and compressed air. This allows the terminals to be used for a wide range of processes and any tool combination imaginable and was particularly helpful for on tool dust extraction.

Since completing the project, there are no visible cabling, hoses or pipework running through the workshop. Everything is now contained within the tidy terminals which as driven efficiency and vastly improved the general working environment for operatives.