DTC - Composite Material Manufacturing Facility Fit Out

Project Overview

Project: P11005

Type: Fit Out

Size: 10 Person Room

On Budget: Yes

On Schedule: Yes

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Fit-out of Composite Material Manufacturing Facilities

DTC have solid experience in installation projects for the composite industry, we have completed numerous jobs for large composite material manufacturers and supply a wide array of businesses operating in the industry. View our Hexion CCT case study.

The manufacture of composite components, tooling and structures is becoming increasingly complicated. With new technological advances rapidly emerging, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your manufacturing facility can compete with those in your sector.

Our highly trained, dedicated composite projects team understand the complexities involved when it comes to fitting out facilities to develop and manufacture GRP/FRP materials. Balancing design and innovative technology with specification and cost, we are able to remove the aggravation involved in refitting your premises and always deliver on time and on budget.

Aerospace Composite Facilities

With their superior strength to weight ratio, composite materials are used widely throughout aerospace manufacturing processes. We are experienced in fitting out considerable composite manufacturing facilities capable of producing high precision components, tooling and structural materials of the highest calibre.

Our aerospace composite installations often include serious dust extraction paraphernalia in order to handle the large volume of harmful dust. Fit out projects within this sector have included airplane maintenance facilities, defence related manufacturers of composite parts and explosive casings and other general aviation manufacturing equipment.

Composite Manufacture for the Motorsport Sector

We have fit out several motorsport composite engineering companies with a full suite of equipment including resin infusion, curing ovens, air and dust extraction, vacuum infusion flat tables, spray bake finishing, closed molding & RTM manufacturing. Our procurement services allow us to provide any other bespoke machinery requirements such as custom CNC machinery and cranes. The motorsport industry has always been quick to adopt new technology and modern advances in design have brought about new composite materials offering lightweight, corrosion/impact resistance and high strength.

Yacht Building Composite Facilities

DTC offer superb fit out solutions to yacht manufactures and boat repair businesses alike. The marine industry is where we were first introduced to the world of composites so is an area we are highly experienced in. We possess the required expertise and competencies to fit out yacht construction and component fabrication facilities. From computer controlled ovens to full vacuum setups we have setup some of the biggest names in yacht building and refit.

Dust extraction is a key aspect for many yacht manufacturers working with composite materials, the scale of sanding and grinding type processes produce an enormous volume of harmful dust particles. Our installation projects for marine clients working with composites would generally involve upgrading or replacing dust extraction equipment.

Combined Composite Technology Case Study

Composite manufacturer Combined Composite Technology (better known as CCT) were keen to offer in house training to further develop their staff and also offer act as a training hub for the workforce across the composites industry.

DTC were commissioned to fit out the 10 person training facility which involved the installation of an air and dust extraction system, down draft benches and storage facilities.

After a detailed evaluation of the requirements, DTC went ahead with the successful installation of all required integral down draft benches, work surfaces, storage cabinets and the dust extraction system fitted with special carbon filter elements located in a different room.

The bespoke dust extraction system installed allows trainees to develop their skills in a safe, clean, comfortable composite production training facility. The innovative solution involves fully integrated downdraft benches with the airline and vacuum line systems hidden behind the cupboards. This instantaneously removes the dust particles as they are produced through the various grinding, sanding and cutting production techniques. By installing the dedicated dust extraction air compressor and vacuum pump outside the training room noise and vibration is kept to a minimal, greater enhancing the training enviroment.

The new training facility has allowed CCT to up skill their existing staff as well as growing their status in the industry by offering in house training  in their new modern state of the art facilities.