Seal & Bond Remover – 500ml

£10.88 Excl. VAT

  • Easy to apply.
  • Ideal for the removal of adhesive, tar, sealant and chewing gum residues.
  • Makes cutting out bonded windscreens a lot easier.
  • Does not attack paints and is safe for most plastics.
  • OEM approved

Seal and Bond is a slow-evaporating universal degreaser that can also be perfectly used for the quick and efficient removal of all kinds of adhesive and sealant residues. The product softens most adhesives and sealants making them easier to remove.

Seal and Bond Remover is suitable for all types of metal and most plastics. In addition, it is also safe to use on just about all modern types of lacquer. This means it is extremely well suited to remove stickers, emblems, protection strips and glue residues. Also the remains of glue and sealant left behind after the removal of communication equipment, glasses holders and so on, can be perfectly removed without damaging the surface.

Seal and Bond Remover is also perfectly suitable for making surfaces grease and silicone free, for example before applying new stickers, emblems, etc.

Due to its good solvent power, Seal and Bond Remover is also the ideal solution for removing tar spots, and chewing gum from clothing, for example.

The aerosol packaging makes Seal and Bond Remover very user-friendly and easy to use. Thanks to the unbreakable nozzle with straw, even hard-to-reach places can be treated without any problem. In addition, the aerosol is equipped with a special valve that allows it to be used in any position. This makes for example that emblems and protection strips can be removed very effectively by spraying Seal and Bond Remover exactly behind the part while slowly removing it.

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