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Special Offers

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  1. Devilbiss GTi Pro Lite Spray Gun Blue

    • The superior PRO Lite performance is achieved with new and improved design technology
    • Free breathing high capacity air passages and a coaxial linear air valve to provide unrestricted and even flow of compressed air through the gun body
    • This smooth air movement enables the precision-engineered air caps and fluid tips to produce superior atomisation with consistent droplet distribution throughout the spray pattern.
    From £229.00
  2. BAXT R5 Red Waffle Head - 150 x 25mm

    Designed with waffle pattern to improve the paste effect and to reduce time.

  3. BAXT B8 Velcro Polishing Foam - 150 x 40mm

    High quality soft foam pad for polishing.

  4. Delton 20mm Air Belt Sander

    • Ergonomic design
    • Air inlet with control speed
    • Includes a safety guard
  5. DEL500 Mobile Dust Extractor

    • Choose from a standard filtration cartidge or a micro filter cartidge which boasts an efficiency of 99.985% at 0.3 microns.
    • Comes fitted with either a 2m or 3m arm and a range of hoods for specific jobs.
    • Optional extras include a low voltage spotlight for the hood and a carbon activated gas filter for odour reduction.
  6. 150mm 7-Hole Velcro Sanding DA Discs (box 100)

    The design of these 7 Hole Velcro Sanding DA Discs enable them to deliver high quality results during high speed dry sanding. Suitable for a vast range of materials, can be used by a number of different industries. The special stearate coating prevents pill forming and clogging, which deliver the optimal result.

    From £11.28
  7. Wet and Dry Paper (pk 50)

    A top-quality paper delivering incomparable results in waterproof and colour sanding.

    From £17.81
  8. 77mm Velcro Discs

    Top quality abrasive discs for dry sanding of a vast range of materials in many industries.

    From £9.76

Showing 1-12 of 330 results

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