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Special Offers

Special Offers

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  1. BAXT S6 150mm Abrasive Sponge Disc (Box 15)

    The S6 disc is a specialist product developed for sanding not only smooth flat surfaces but also rounded surfaces, corners and sharp edges. Its flexible design creates a smooth sanding pattern on
    angled surfaces and edges but reduces the risk of pressure marks.

    From £27.98
  2. BAXT DX6 150mm Velcro Abrasive Film Disc 15 Hole (50)

    Flexible Film Backing
    The polyester film backing of the DX6 creates a flexible, even abrasive surface which delivers an ultra smooth finish. Film discs last up to 3 times longer than paper backed discs and can be used for wet sanding.

    From £28.95
  3. BAXT W6 Double Sided Lambswool Polishing Head

    • Double sided buffing pad with unique flexing action
    • Reduces swirl marks and minimises the risk of burn on working surfaces
    • Soft protected edge allows contour polishing
    From £9.20
  4. 150mm 15-Hole Velcro Sanding DA Discs (box 100)

    • The 1500mm 15 Hole Velcro Sanding DA Discs are high quality abrasive discs, which are suitable for dry sanding a wide range of different materials. They are designed for us at high speeds, and thanks to the special stearate coating, the discs offer an optimal sanding result.
    • Prevents clogging and pill forming.
    • The two levels of grits allow for different approaches. This includes sanding putty and removing lacquers and sanding primers.
    From £12.15
  5. BAXT O4 Orange Compound foam

    Gives a firm & precise application when compounding

    From £14.22
  6. BAXT D6 150mm Velcro Abrasive Disc 15-Hole

    • 30% longer service life - With a unique combination of sanding grit, material bonding, and surface technology to minimise clogging, the D6 lasted 30% longer than comparable products under intensive testing
    • Advanced dust extraction - The 15 hole pattern and anti-clog coating ensures faster removal or dust. This means less airborne particles, which results in fewer stoppages and longer tool life!
    • Tough abrasive grains - The abrasive grit is the core part of the D6, and here top quality aluminium oxide grains are used. This offers exceptional material removal on even the most demanding surfaces: especially scratch-proof clearcoats & primers
    From £17.02
  7. BAXT P4 4:1 2K HS High Build Primer 4L

    The BAXT P4 quality 4:1 2K primer/filler is an extremely diverse polyacrylic filler. The high build unique formula of the P4 primer can be aplied wet on wet allowing for a radically reduced repair time.

    From £13.58
  8. BAXT H6 2K HS Hardener

    For further information on this product click the 'View Details' button to the right.

    From £13.58
  9. BAXT T4 2K Thinner

    • Top quality solvent thinners for clear coat, primer and solid colour paint products
    • For use with BAXT 2K primers, clears and solid colours
    • Use at up to 20% and use the speed of thinner to compliment the hardener being used
    From £6.73
  10. Abrasoft Sanding Sponges (200)

    Abrasoft is ideal for sanding contoured and irregular surfaces that cannot be easily accessed by sanding machines.

    From £26.90
  11. Velcro Abrasive Roll 115mm x25m

    Top quality abrasive rolls for dry sanding of a vast range of materials in many industries.

    From £33.91
  12. Velcro Abrasive Roll 71mm x 25m

    A top quality abrasive roll, this Velcro Abrasive Roll is suitable for dry sanding a wide range of materials. It features a special stearate, which prevents clogging and pill forming. Everything you need for the optimal sanding result. This roll is often used in the marine industry, using for faring, shaping, or finishing boats.  

    From £25.04

Showing 25-36 of 52 results

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