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BEST Products

BEST Products

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  1. BAXT R5 Red Waffle Head - 150 x 25mm

    Designed with waffle pattern to improve the paste effect and to reduce time.

  2. BAXT B8 Velcro Polishing Foam - 150 x 40mm

    High quality soft foam pad for polishing.

  3. BAXT T4 2K Thinner

    • Top quality solvent thinners for clear coat, primer and solid colour paint products
    • For use with BAXT 2K primers, clears and solid colours
    • Use at up to 20% and use the speed of thinner to compliment the hardener being used
    From £6.25
  4. BAXT H6 2K HS Hardener

    For further information on this product click the 'View Details' button to the right.

    From £12.61
  5. BAXT P4 4:1 2K HS High Build Primer 4L

    The BAXT P4 quality 4:1 2K primer/filler is an extremely diverse polyacrylic filler. The high build unique formula of the P4 primer can be aplied wet on wet allowing for a radically reduced repair time.

    From £12.61
  6. BAXT D6 150mm Velcro Abrasive Disc 15-Hole

    • 30% longer service life - With a unique combination of sanding grit, material bonding, and surface technology to minimise clogging, the D6 lasted 30% longer than comparable products under intensive testing
    • Advanced dust extraction - The 15 hole pattern and anti-clog coating ensures faster removal or dust. This means less airborne particles, which results in fewer stoppages and longer tool life!
    • Tough abrasive grains - The abrasive grit is the core part of the D6, and here top quality aluminium oxide grains are used. This offers exceptional material removal on even the most demanding surfaces: especially scratch-proof clearcoats & primers
    From £17.02
  7. BAXT O4 Orange Compound foam

    Gives a firm & precise application when compounding

    From £8.74
  8. BAXT C7 Disposable Coverall

    • 30% more breathable than Tyvek
    • 80% less liquid penetration than Tyvek
    • Excellent breathability and comfort
    From £3.17
  9. BAXT W6 Double Sided Lambswool Polishing Head

    • Double sided buffing pad with unique flexing action
    • Reduces swirl marks and minimises the risk of burn on working surfaces
    • Soft protected edge allows contour polishing
    From £9.20
  10. BAXT DX6 150mm Velcro Abrasive Film Disc 15 Hole (50)

    Flexible Film Backing
    The polyester film backing of the DF6 creates a flexible, even abrasive surface which delivers an ultra smooth finish. Film discs last up to 3 times longer than paper backed discs and can be used for wet sanding.

    From £28.95

Showing 1-12 of 179 results

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