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  1. Kevlar Scissors - 10"

    Kevlar Scissors - 10"

    • Left-handed handle design and blade configuration
    • Blade angle and serration dedicated to effective kevlar cutting
    • Long blade for fast, straight cutting
  2. Fillet Ball Set - Fillet Balls Set

    Fillet Ball Set - Fillet Balls Set

    • Set of 3 chrome plated filleting balls
    • Ideal for placing wax, plasticine or filler to create an accurate fillet.
    • Filleting and filling wax
  3. Nylon Rollers (10)

    Nylon Rollers (10)

    • Nylon blue stripe is made with 100% polyamide fibre woven into its backing
    • These fibres are also thermo treated to give a crimped effect which helps pick up, hold and distribute the maximum amount of material
    • for use with resins, preliminary paints, primers, sealants, varnishes, oil paints, epoxy and 2-component paints
    From £8.16
  4. Velour Rollers (10)

    Velour Rollers (10)

    • Velour is a woven fabric made from wool in a short pile
    • Especially designed for application of gel coat
    • Very low fibre loss.
    From £8.54
  5. Syringe


    • Choice of sizes
    • Guaranteed sterility
    • Long shelf-life
    From £0.39
  6. Grade 1 Brush

    Grade 1 Brush

    Top quality gel brush for use in the marine and GRP industries

    From £0.49
  7. Grade 2 Brush

    Grade 2 Brush

    • Grade 2, medium quality gel brush designed for use in the marine and GRP industries.
    • White bristle with polypropylene handle.
    From £0.42
  8. Grade 3 Brush

    Grade 3 Brush

    Economy gel brush for use in the marine and GRP industries

    From £0.25
  9. 4 Inch Roller Handle

    4 Inch Roller Handle

    Handles for 4" (100mm) rollers

    From £0.74
  10. 6 Inch Roller Handle

    6 Inch Roller Handle

    • Handle for 6'' (150mm) rollers
    • Good quality
    From £1.51
  11. Heavy Duty Scissors

    Heavy Duty Scissors

    • High quality sidebent shears, ideal for use with heavy fabrics
    • Chrome plated blades with unique corrosion protection on the inside
    • High carbon tool steel
    From £40.59
  12. Catalyst Dispenser

    Catalyst Dispenser

    • Small: dispenses 0-15ml catalyst
    • Large: dispenses 10-80ml catalyst
    From £8.82
  13. Plastic Ferrule Brush

    Plastic Ferrule Brush

    • These are ideal for the composite industry as the plastic ferrule stops you from scratching the mould when in use
    • Bleached White bristled, plastic handled and low bristle loss ‘Gel’ brushes
    • Improved bristle retention
    From £0.92
  14. Aluminium Finned Roller

    Aluminium Finned Roller

    • Universal roller with deep fins spaced for maximum air relief
    • Vertical grooves reduce the amount of spray providing a consistent finish and prevent movement of the fibres
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    From £4.98
  15. Paddle Roller

    Paddle Roller

    • Universal roller, ideal for knitted or uni-directional fibres
    • Robust profile giving very effective air removal
    • Suitable for large surfaces
    From £3.64
  16. PTFE Rollers

    PTFE Rollers

    • Suitable for low viscosity resins and thin glass fibre fabrics
    • Excellent non-stick properties
    • The special construction of the roller reduces breakage of glass fibres and prevents movement of the fibre while working
    From £6.37
  17. Wall Mounted Catalyst Dispensers

    Wall Mounted Catalyst Dispensers

    • Compact design
    • Precise marks allow for accurate measurement
    • Wall mounted
  18. Filleting and Filling Wax - 650g

    Filleting and Filling Wax - 650g

    • Contains beeswax and is very easy to use, stays soft and workable
    • Does not stain hands
    • Suitable for use as a joint filler for sheet wax.

18 Items results

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