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3M Lightweight Polisher

£198.00 Excl. VAT

  • A powerful 1,100-watt motor for better handling and quicker throughput
  • Lightweight electric polisher with ergonomic handle and grip areas for greater operator comfort and reduced vibration
  • Progressive start-up for spreading the compound
  • Variable speed for increased control
  • Ergonomic features such as a grip handle, curved wrist rest, and a recessed lever provide ease of use
  • Designed to rest on its back to keep the pad contamination-free
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Introducing the 3M Lightweight Polisher, a tool designed with precision and operator convenience in mind.

Powerful Performance: Equipped with a robust 1,100-watt motor, this polisher ensures not only powerful performance but also efficient throughput for your polishing projects.

Operator Comfort: We understand the importance of comfort during extended use. Our lightweight electric polisher features an ergonomic handle and grip areas that minimize vibrations and provide operators with a comfortable, secure grip.

Smooth Start-up: The progressive start-up feature allows for a smooth and controlled application of the compound, ensuring a flawless finish.

Control in Your Hands: Tailor your polishing to perfection with variable speed settings. This feature offers you complete control over the polishing process, no matter the surface or material.

Ergonomic Design: We’ve gone the extra mile to enhance your experience. The grip handle, curved wrist rest, and recessed lever are meticulously designed to make your work as effortless as possible.

Contamination-Free Maintenance: When it’s time to take a break or pack up, the 3M Lightweight Polisher can be conveniently rested on its back. This clever design choice keeps the pad free from contamination, maintaining the quality and consistency of your work.

In summary, the 3M Lightweight Polisher is more than just a tool; it’s a companion that enhances your craftsmanship. With its powerful motor, ergonomic design, and thoughtful features, it’s the ideal choice for those who demand precision and comfort in their polishing tasks.

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