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Hand Sanding

Hand Sanding

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  1. 4pc Sanding Block Kit

    A four piece sanding kit

        Set includes Curvaflex
        Large and small teardrop sanders
        Double density sanding block
        Time saver for the professional bodyshop
        Ideal for sanding into corners and along fine body line

  2. 3pc 150mm Sanding Block Kit

    These sanders all use 150mm diameter Velcro backed sanding discs.

        Set includes 150mm block
        Right angle block
        Curved sanding block

  3. Tear Drop Sander 70mm

    Tear drop sanders are ideal for contours and fine body lines

        Multiple shapes are possible for fine sanding.
        A must for the professional body shop.
        Large tear drop sander available - 140mm
        Time saver.

  4. Tear Drop Sander 140mm

    Tear drop sanders grip the sanding disc and allow corners and fine body lines to be sanded easily

        140mm long.
        A must for the professional body shop.
        Small tear drop sander available.
        Rounded contour.
        Time saving tool.

  5. 150mm Curved Block

    • Made from sturdy, high density, durable material and shaped to fit comfortably in the hand.
    • 150mm diameter sanding discs.
    • Curved block.
  6. 150mm Flat Block

    • For use with 150mm diameter sanding disc.
    • Right angled sides.
    • Essential tool.
  7. Flexi Curv Block

    Rubber sanding tool conforming to contours of modern vehicles

        Desired shape can be formed and fixed
        For rough sanding and fine finishing
        140mm long
        Extremely flexible
        Time saver

  8. Double Density Block

    These blocks are essential for the professional bodyshop.

        Fits comfortably in the hand.
        Adapts to many sanding needs.
        Size 63mm x 140mm.
        Grey side is soft and pliable for sanding irregular surfaces.
        Black side is stiff for faster sanding on curved surfaces.

  9. 150mm Flat Circular Block

    • 150mm sanding discs.
    • Flat profile.
    • Hand grips for better preparation.
  10. 150mm Flat Circular Block Dust-Ex

    • Dust free 6/9 hole.
    • Flat sanding profile.
    • Use with 150mm diameter sanding discs.
  11. Wrap-A-Block

    Wrap a 150mm sanding disc around the block for a radius edge.

        Use with 150mm sanding disc
        Radius edge for sanding contours
        Also useful on ridges
        Time saver

Showing 1-12 of 125 results

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Set Descending Direction