Airline Oil – 1L

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  • Dyed blue for ease of identification
  • Provides enhanced corrosion protection
  • Readily separates from water
  • May also be used as a hydraulic medium for certain
  • Contains no added silicon

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SILKAIR VG 22 AIRLINE OIL is designed specifically as an airline lubricant for use on pneumatic tools and may also be used as a hydraulic fluid where appropriate.

SILKAIR VG 22 AIRLINE OIL is a premier quality airline oil of naturally high viscosity index intended for the lubrication of pneumatic tools, valves and associated equipment. The product is intended for
use in systems where it may be necessary to draw off any separated water. SILKAIR VG 22 AIRLINE OIL is inhibited to minimise thermal degradation and foaming, and protect against corrosion and deposit formation.

The product is formulated to ensure rapid formation of a mist for lubrication of downstream
pneumatic equipment.


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