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BAXT Premium Cut 3000 Polishing Compound – 1Lt

£24.92 Excl. VAT

• Improved handling characteristics
• Potential for up to 30% reduction in usage
• Minimal effort required for cleanup
• Extended working time
• Achieves a favourable finish
• Transparency allows for scrutiny of remaining sanding scratches before proceeding
• Minimal sling during application
• Can be employed with or without the addition of water

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£24.92 £29.90

6 - 11: £22.65 £27.18

12+: £21.52 £25.82

Available on backorder

BAXT Premium Cut 3000 is a potent abrasive liquid compound designed for refinishing paints, serving to eliminate abrasive scratches in the paint rectification process. It has also proven effective in removing oxidation, scratches, blemishes, and more, whether on the original manufacturer’s paint or other surfaces.


BAXT Polishing Range

Discover the BAXT Polishing Range, a collection of high-quality polishing solutions tailored to address all finishing needs. This range includes Solo 1000 and Solo Extreme for removing sanding marks and holograms, Premium Cut 3000, an abrasive liquid compound for paint refinishing, MicroCut 5000 for eliminating swirl marks and holograms, and M100, a versatile solution for gel coat surface imperfections. Each product is designed to offer precise and efficient results, catering to the specific requirements of finishing professionals. Explore the range and find the right solution for your polishing needs.

BAXT Premium Cut 3000 Polishing Compound - Safety Data Sheet


BAXT Premium Cut 3000 Polishing Compound - Technical Data Sheet

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