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BAXT Solo Extreme One Step Compound

£33.14 Excl. VAT

• Exceptional permanence – no revisits required
• Effortless time and cost savings
• Elevated performance
• Remarkably crystal clear
• Erases holograms and swirl marks with precision
• Significantly reduces operator exposure to hand-arm vibration (hav)

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£33.14 £39.77

6 - 11: £30.13 £36.16

12+: £28.62 £34.34

Available on backorder

Introducing BAXT Solo Extreme, a game changer in one-step compounds: Helps pads effortlessly glide across the surface, erasing even the most stubborn P1500 sanding marks at an astonishing pace, requiring minimal exertion. Watch these marks vanish, rendering P3000 abrasive discs obsolete, and conserving precious time and resources. The entire process unfolds with exceptional transparency, allowing operators to watch as imperfections disappear into oblivion.


BAXT Polishing Range

Discover the BAXT Polishing Range, a collection of high-quality polishing solutions tailored to address all finishing needs. This range includes Solo 1000 and Solo Extreme for removing sanding marks and holograms, Premium Cut 3000, an abrasive liquid compound for paint refinishing, MicroCut 5000 for eliminating swirl marks and holograms, and M100, a versatile solution for gel coat surface imperfections. Each product is designed to offer precise and efficient results, catering to the specific requirements of finishing professionals. Explore the range and find the right solution for your polishing needs.

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