BAXT WP10 5 Layer Spray Booth Wall Protector – NEW

£398.00 Excl. VAT

  • Tape Free Application
  • Accessory Free
  • Easy & Fast Application
  • Only Replace Once Per Year
  • Dust Magnet Surface Coating
  • Each roll is 80m long x 77cm cm wide


Options Unit Price Excl. VATIncl. VAT Bulk Pricing Excl. VATIncl. VAT Quantity
£398.00 £477.60

3+: £349.00 £418.80

In stock (can be backordered)
£398.00 £477.60

3+: £349.00 £418.80

In stock (can be backordered)

BAXT WP10 5 Layer Spray Booth Wall Protector is a brand new product from BAXT, like nothing else available on the market to date.

Spray Booth Wall Protector Lasts Up To 12 Months

The BAXT Multi-layer Booth Wall Protector is not only fast to apply but can last up to 9-12 months thanks to its innovative 5 layer construction. Just peel off the layers and you are ready to go! No time consuming re taping.

A Range of Workplace Protection Products

Part of the BAXT ‘protection’ range of products, the WP10 Spray Booth wall protector has recently been joined by BAXT FP10, a similar multi-layered product designed to protect the floor space of industrial areas exposed to heavy contamination.


With a wide variety of products on offer, BAXT is focused on developing, innovative solutions for the Automotive and Marine refinishing markets, with products that are designed to be high quality, competitively priced alternatives to today’s leading brands.  In a world where people are demanding big brand quality but are looking for cost effective solutions, BAXT represents the alternative high quality option.

At a glance

  • Tape Free Application – thanks to overlapping self-adhesive sheets.
  • Accessory Free – comes ready packed in a dispenser box.
  • Easy & Fast Application – covers the spray booth in minutes with just a spatula.
  • Only Replace Once Per Year – the only option available with 5 durable layers.
  • Dust Magnet Surface Coating – each layer has a slightly tacky, statically charged surface which acts like a magnet to airborne particles.


Coverage 60m2
Backing Material Polyester Nonwoven Backing
Material Polypropylene
Adhesive Acrylic Based Glue
Working Temp Effective to 120°C
Thickness 112 micron
Total Weight 10kg



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