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Bleach – 5L

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  • Disinfects toilets, drains and sinks whilst also removing stains.
  • Can also be diluted to be used on worktops, walls and floors
  • 5 litre ‘jerry can’ style bottle
  • For professional use only
  • Kills all known germs
  • Contains chlorine


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The original formula – designed to disinfect toilets, drains, and sinks while effectively removing stains. Additionally, it offers the flexibility of dilution for use on worktops, walls, and floors.

Packed in a 5 Litre “jerry can” style bottle.

Its powerful formulation ensures the elimination of all known germs, thanks to the inclusion of chlorine. Providing a comprehensive solution, it serves both as a potent disinfectant and a versatile cleaner across various surfaces.


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