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BLS Full Face Mask

£85.95 Excl. VAT

  • Compatible with BLS 200/201 filters
  • Silicone
  • LiveVisor visor
  • Anti-condensation system
  • B-lock connection
Quantity Discount (%) Unit Price
1 - 2 £103.14
3 - 9 20 % £82.51
10+ 27.28 % £75.00

The BLS mask is an innovative and functional individual protection device, developed to protect the user’s respiratory tract and the entire surface of his face in an effective and comfortable way. This device is characterized by a structure that provides for the attachment of two filters for a wider field of view and better weight distribution.

To safeguard one’s health when working in working environments in contact with particularly harmful substances, it is essential to use the right devices, which is why BLS has based its entire philosophy on the design and production of excellently performing products, able to provide the maximum protection without sacrificing comfort, but let’s see what are the innovative technologies that characterize the BLS mask.

One of the novelties is undoubtedly the polycarbonate viewer with Live Visor technology which, thanks to the classification in Optical Class 1 compliant with EN 166, allows the user to have a panoramic view without optical distortions, accompanied by a particular vitrification treatment that makes the visor scratch and impact resistant.

The other technical properties of the device are listed here:

  • Silicone face seal with FDA certification for greater safety, but above all resistant to thermal, chemical and mechanical stress
  • Oronasal in silicone for a prolonged duration
  • Anti-condensation system to prevent fogging of the visor by controlling internal air flows and without surface treatments that could alter its properties
  • Rubber harness with K-omfort technology for a more comfortable and rigid attachment thanks to the 6 attachment points; easy to remove for better cleaning

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