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Our client is a long-established, large and well-known manufacturer of composite performance boats, with manufacturing bases in Southern England.

With their consumables supplier ceasing operations, they were faced with a challenge to quickly find and onboard a new, reliable partner to ensure continuity of their operations.

“We selected DTC as our new VMI vendor due to their demonstrated value for money and their ability to scale up quickly. We have been very pleased with the service received by DTC so far, they are always responsive to any issues and resolve them promptly.” 

– Senior Procurement Manager

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To provide a seamless switchover to the full supply of over 1600 consumable products in a timeframe of 6 week, to multiple locations.



A full audit of the current products and a tailored portfolio of straight switches and recommendations for alternatives to improve efficiencies.

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A seamless transition to the supply of all the 1600 SKUs in two weeks across 41 locations and 2 sites, as well as successful implementation of the DTC Hub, providing easy access to reporting and stock control.


The six-week supply challenge

Our client faced a huge operational hurdle when their main contracted supplier of manufacturing consumables went into administration, leaving them with just six weeks to find an alternative source.

This sudden disruption threatened to seriously interfere with the production of performance vessels, essential for the continuation of their operations.

Their primary challenge was to quickly find a new supplier that met their strict quality requirements and could immediately supply over 1600 like-for-like products to ensure a seamless changeover.


A swift and future-proof solution

The solution for their supply chain needs was a customised package of over 1600 SKU’s across multiple categories, supplied direct to more than 40 stock locations on two manufacturing sites in Southern England.

The DTC Hub stock management system was introduced to ensure real-time stock management and insights for the complete tailored portfolio of products, creating a resilient and reliable supply chain.


Uninterrupted operations

The result was a seamless transition to DTC and the new supply system within two weeks, including 100% replacement of like-for-like products, ensuring there was no interruption to the their manufacturing process. All 41 locations across the two sites were set up with two weekly stock takes and restocks with dedicated on-site and offsite support personnel.

This swift implementation meant that production continued without delay, enabling our client to focus on their operations and mitigating the consequences of having their original supplier ceasing trading.

The combination of both the tailored consumables package we offered plus the DTC Hub stock management system was instrumental in maintaining the their critical operations under tight deadlines.

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