Duralac Anti-Corrosive Jointing Compound

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  • A long lasting corrosion inhibitor to protect against electrolytic action.
  • Originally developed for the aviation industry and now widely used in both marine and transport applications.
  • Duralac Green has an improved environmental footprint and exceeds standard Duralac in performance.

This product can be used in the following applications:

  • In general engineering applications where dissimilar contact cannot be avoided.
  • In vehicle building where aluminium alloy contacts steel.
  • For marine application where corrosion is accelerated by brine concentration.
  • In close proximity to the sea where a salt laden atmosphere will meet with structures and set up electrolytic cells.
  • Between aluminium alloy plates, extrusions and bolts or rivets used in building applications.
  • In aerospace where rivets/bolts are secured into aluminium plates.


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