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Hand Cleansers

Hand Cleansers

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  1. Deb 'Protect Plus' After-Work Cream 1L

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  2. Liquid Hand Lotion Soap

    A range of liquid hand lotion soaps

    From £4.12
  3. Deb Tufanega Orange Handcleaner 4L

    Naturally Powerful - An advanced formulation using natural ingredients to remove oil, grease and general soiling quickly and efficiently.

    From £22.60
  4. Hanzl STOP-IT Hand Barrier Cream

    • Hand protection cream for dry work
    • Works like an invisible glove
    • Contains no silicone so can be used in paint shops
    From £20.33
  5. KLEENALL Liquid Hand Cleaner

    • A powerful liquid hand cleanser for professionals in the painting, printing and engineering areas
    • Easily dispensed and supplied with hand pump
    • Poly-beaded
    From £39.56
  6. HANZL Advanced Soy Heavy Duty Handcleaner

    – Removes oil, grease, inks and general grime

    From £28.16
  7. Pink Pearl Hand Soap 5L - 5L

    • General purpose soap
    • Excellent cleanser with a pleasant fragrance
    • Mild to the skin
  8. Hanolac Hand Cleaner - 2L

    Specially formulated heavy duty hand cleaner for industrial usage. Ideally suited for removing paints and varnishes, resins and pirch.

    From £22.71

Showing 1-12 of 23 results

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