Metabo 93mm Triangular Sander 240v

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  • Sturdy gearing for tough jobs
  • Long tool life
  • Spindle with 3 dust-sealed bearings
  • Heavy-duty aluminium base plate
  • Performance and working speed
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Metabo 93mm Triangular Sander 240v
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P40 93mm Tri Sanding Discs (25)
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P60 93mm Tri Sanding Discs (25)
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P80 93mm Tri Sanding Discs (25)
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P120 93mm Tri Sanding Discs (25)
£14.56 £17.47
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P320 93mm Tri Sanding Discs (25)
£14.56 £17.47
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93mm Tri Backpad for DSE300
£18.38 £22.06
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300 Watt Electronic Variable Speed Triangular Base-Plate Sander DSE 300 Intec

High sanding performance due to powerful 300 watt motor and larger orbit diameter
Variospeed (V) full-wave electronic speed control for continuous variation of orbital speed; ideal for sanding heat-sensitive materials and surfaces such as plastics.

Base plate backed with polyurethane foam adapts perfectly to the workpiece surface.  The velcro-facing of the base plate enables sanding sheets to be changed quickly and easily. Not only for sanding wood, plastic, metal and stone but also suitable for sanding surfaces trowelled with filler and sanding paintwork.

Operation and ergonomics
Integral dust extraction for convenience in all work situations. Excellent handling due to slim body and hand recesses; equally suitable for right and left-handed users Low-profile body makes it possible to work on surfaces in confined spaces.

Base plate can be turned through 360° without using tools – for easily getting into corners, sanding edges and making sure the sanding sheet wears evenly and is fully utilized.


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