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  1. U-pol Fibreglass Repair Filler - 1.85L Tin

    • Glass fibre compound for bridging holes and rust
    • Strong 2K polyester bridging compound
    • Ideal for bridging holes in most metals, fibre glass, wood, etc
  2. U-pol Fantastic Ultra Lightweight Body Filler - 3 litre

    Multifunction body filler that can be used for deep filling or finishing.

  3. MAX MEYER 3800 STOPPER - 1.5kg

    • A universal top-quality, all-purpose polyester knifing putty
    • Suitable for substrates such as sheet iron, aluminium, galvanised metal
    • It has very short drying times and smooth knife application, is easy to shape, does not drip from the knife and can be quickly sanded
  4. FIBRAL Sandable Glass Fibre Repair Paste - 1.3L Dispenser

    • Ideal for bridging holes, provides tough resistant GRP coating
    • Smooth spreading and easy to apply
    • Can be shaped and sanded once cured
  5. Plastic Padding Stopper - 975g

    • STOPPER is grey/white-coloured, super fine and has excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces, presenting a flawless surface.
    • It can be used on steel, aluminium, galvanised, zinc coated and fibreglass. It has a working time of 4-5 minutes and cures in 20 min. It has a max. temp of +160°C on steel and contains 247g/l solvent.
    • Can be used on many substrates
  6. PLAST X Smooth High Adhesion Body Filler for Plastics - 600ml

    • Ideal for flexible substrates such as bumpers, SMC & most plastics.
    • Pinhole free polyester filler that is fast drying and easy sanding.
    • Fills scratches and scuffs or can be used to finish a repaired area.
  7. U-Pol "D" Metallic Filler - 1.1L

    • Polyester body filler containing aluminium flakes.
    • Smooth spreading with good adhesion and pinhole free.
    • 1.1L tin
  8. U-pol Filler Dispenser - Dispenser

    • Unique system to dispense fillers and hardener.
    • Ensures the correct proportion of product every time.
    • Small and portable design means it can be carried to the repair area or wall mounted.

Showing 1-12 of 92 results

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