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  1. Teroson UP210 Filler-1815g

    • For all repair jobs on all surfaces, including galvanised, zinc coated, aluminium, mild steel, glass fibre and polycarbonate
    • Excellent build quality and fine finish
    • Suitable for infra-red and low bake
  2. BAXT MB1 Multi-Sheet Mixing Board

    • 100 tear off non porous paper sheets to save time and money
    • For use with all bodyfillers, bridgers and stoppers
    • Reduced risk of cross contamination
    From £4.98
  3. Plastic Padding Galva Filler

    • Excellent adhesion on galvanised surfaces
    • Fine texture stopper/filler
    • Suitable for infra-red
    From £13.95
  4. Metal Filler Spreaders

    • Spring steel blades with composite grips.
    • Suitable for the application of auto body filler
    • Available seperately or in pack 4
    From £1.22
  5. U-pol Reface Spray Filler

    • Highly effective spray filler for large irregular surfaces.
    • Ideal for bare steel and glass fibre substrates.
    • High build and easy to sand it provides the perfect flat surface for painting.
    From £1.41
  6. Plastic Padding Hardeners

    For Plastic Padding fillers range

    From £2.19
  7. Plastic Padding PP100 Lightweight Bodyfiller

    • PP100 LIGHTWEIGHT BODYFILLER is a grey, flexible, easy to sand, high quality body filler ideal for low paint bake ovens and infra-red drying systems.
    • Suited to metal, PP100 has a working time of 5 min and cures in 16 min. It has a max. temperature on steel of +200°C and contains 208g/l solvent.
    • Easy to build, excellent flexibility
    From £10.01
  8. U-Pol EXTRA GOLD Extra Smooth Easy Sand Body Filler

    • Multifunction polyester body filler suitable for a variety of substrates including galvanised.
    • Very smooth spreading with excellent adhesion and pinhole free.
    From £19.16
  9. U-Pol SMC High Adhesion Easy Sand Fibre Filler

    • Very high adhesion filler and adhesive for rigid plastics such as SMC.
    • Contains carbon fibre for extra strength.
    • Smooth spreading and easy to sand to a fine finish
    From £19.39
  10. Spatula

    • Heat treated, hardened steel for an even hardness throughout the blade
    • Primarily used for smoothing filler in marine applications
    • Comfort handle
    From £8.62
  11. Trowel

    • Well balanced, sturdy and lightweight finishing trowel for marine applications.
    • The ABS plastic banana shaped handle provides a comfortable grip which prevents fatigue even when used over long periods making this trowel a very professional tool with excellent knuckle clearance.
    • Manufactured from the highest quality steel. 
    From £15.75
  12. Plastic Spreader/Comb - Yellow

    • Reinforced polypropylene spreaders
    • 4.8mm (3/16") Spaced teeth
    • 2 sizes available
    From £1.05

Showing 1-12 of 39 results

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