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  1. Metal Paint Smooth Finish

    Hammerite Direct To Rust Metal Paint can be painted directly onto rusty surfaces. The 3 in 1 formula means there is no need for use of primer/undercoat.

    From £17.64
  2. Farecla G3 Premium Compound

    • 1 kg
    • Water based
    • Quick and easy to apply
  3. Aerosol Primer Coloured

    • 500ml
    • Two colours
    From £3.76
  4. 2K PrImer Aerosol

    • Genuine 2K high build primer filler
    • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
    • Very quick drying
  5. UPOL Powercan Aerosol Paints

    • Excellent high gloss finish with U.V. resistance
    • Suitable for use over basecoats
    • Fast drying and durable
    From £4.91
  6. Nexa HS+ P190 6690 Clearcoat Lacquer

    P190-6690 is a high solids 2-pack acrylic clearcoat. It offers a hard and durable finish with superb gloss and is suitable for all types of repair.

    From £135.00
  7. Sikkens Autoclear LV Superior Lacquer

    Sikkens Autoclear LV Superior truly is a superior clearcoat for all repairs and application conditions

    From £127.72
  8. Dupont Chromaclear VOC 5 litre Clear Lacquer Clearcoat Chromax

    • Can be used over waterborne and solventborne basecoats
    • VOC compliant, conform with directive 2004/42/EU
    • Very easy application
    From £518.15
  9. Dupont Low Viscosity Binder

    • Provides ease of application and accurate colour matching.
    • The excellent hiding, coverage balance gives significant savings in application time and consumption.
    • Can be used for spot, panel and overall repair.
    From £286.86
  10. Dupont Hardener 2k Activator

    This product is designed for use with 2K HS products.

    From £316.25
  11. Max Meyer UHS Hardener

    Max Meyer 2K UHS Hardener for use with the May Meyer range of UHS products.

    From £33.71
  12. Sikkens Spot Primer Aerosol

    For further information on this product click the 'View Details' button to the right.

    From £8.82

Showing 1-12 of 52 results

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