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  1. ProXL Etch Primer Aerosol - 500ml aerosol

    ProETCH is an Etch primer that gives the ultimate adhesion direct onto many dificult substrates including alloy, stainless steel, zintec and galvanise The final surface is a super smooth non-porous finish that is suitable for any topcoat.

  2. Aerosol ProXL Spray 1K Clear Lacquer (500ml) - 500ml

    • High performance 1k lacquer
    • Gives a crystal clear finish that can be applied over all water and solvent based basecoats
    • Ideal for smart repairs
  3. Chassis Paint Black - 5L

    • High quality alkyd based paint
    • Provides a tough and durable protection against rust and corrosion
    • Decorative gloss finish
  4. 3M Fast Cut XL

    • Offers greater coverage
    • Reduces amount of dusting into the air and adjacent panels
    • Easier clean up
  5. U-pol Barcoat Quick Drying Isolator - 1L

    • Single pack quick drying isolator.
    • Prevents lifting and bleeding of existing paint film sensitive to solvent attack.
    • Supplied ready for use and can be over-coated with a suitable primer in 1 hour
  6. Fade Out Thinner 1L - 1L

    • Can be used with solvent topcoats or 2k lacquers, making the merging of the repaired area easier.
    • Improves the polishing and makes it easier.
    • Makes touch up easy.
  7. U-pol 1K Clear Lacquer Aerosol - 450ml

    • Very high gloss finish with excellent U.V. resistance and durability.
    • Ideal for spot repair and blends easily with existing 2K clear coating.
    • High performance clog-free aerosol giving a spray gun like finish.
  8. U-pol Fade Out Thinner Aerosol - 500ml

    • High quality blending solvent to dissolve the edges of clear coats and solid colours.
    • Can be used with all coatings, especially UHS.
    • Ideal for SMART repairs.
  9. ProXL Fade Out Aerosol - 500ml

    • A technically advanced blending clear that dissolves the edges of clear coats and solid colours resulting in the perfect finish can be used with HS and MS coatings.
    • Ideal for smart repairs
  10. ProXL Adhesion Promoter - 500ml

    An advanced adhesion promoter for most types of plastics and can be over coated with topcoat after just 30 minutes


Showing 1-12 of 176 results

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