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Automotive Paints & Coatings

Browse and shop for automotive paints and coatings at DTC. As automotive industry supply specialists, we have carefully developed our range of automotive paintshop solutions over many decades. View the range below to choose from our carefully sourced range of industrial paints today. Buy online automotive paints and coatings from manufacturers including 3M, BAXT, Farecla and U-Pol.

Choose DTC for our extensive selection of automotive paints and coatings. We summarise your options below.

Automotive paints and coatings

We have an extensive selection of automotive and car paints and coatings available. Choose from anti-stonechip coatings, clearcoats, compounds, hardeners, polishes, primers, thinners and more.

Car paints

Choose from a range of automotive paints. A range of shades of black, grey, and white are especially popular. Choose from:

  • Paints in aerosols – a wide selection of assorted colours
  • Clearcoats – add an extra clearcoat layer to prevent paint from peeling and rust
  • Fillers – to fill holes before finishing
  • Primers – a vast selection, cover imperfections and stains by neutralising the surface colour prior to painting
  • Hardeners – add this to increase the resilience and thickness of paint prior to use
  • Lacquers – use lacquer paint for smart repairs and a smart, durable, weatherproof finish and
  • Thinners – dissolve paint and reduce viscosity in particular prior to spray application

Can I buy auto finish paints?

Yes, we have a fine selection of auto finish paints available. Farecla is an excellent manufacturer of finishing products. The Farecla G3 fine finishing compound can be applied with foam or by hand. Use this for brightening up dull surfaces, and removing fine sanding marks, holograms, and swirls. Buy Farecla profile premium liquid compound for removing fine sanding marks and restoring oxidised and weathered gel coated and painted surfaces.

For metal finishing use Hammerite metal -paint smooth finish/ or Autosol chrome polish, both of which finish various metal surfaces nicely. Restore cars damaged with stonechips to their former glory with Best aerosol anti-stonechip coating.

Contact us

We are easy to contact to answer any of your questions and clarifications about automotive paints and coatings. Why not call DTC today on 023 8025 1100? Or if you prefer, send emails directly to Alternatively, complete our contact form here.


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