Siroflex Mitre Bonding System (2 part)

£4.26 Excl. VAT

  • High strength bonding system kit for use in the trade

Product Description

A high strength bonding system kit for use in the trade. SX Mitre Bond
Activator accelerates the curing speed of SX Mitre Bond Superglue,
particularly on porous, acidic or difficult to bond surfaces, or when
ambient temperatures are low.

Directions Of Use

Apply the SX Mitre Bond Activator before applying the SX Mitre Bond
Superglue. Shake can well before use. Holding the can approximately
20 cm away, spray onto one of the surfaces to be bonded for no
longer than one second. Allow solvent to evaporate. Apply SX Mitre
Bond Superglue to the other surface and assemble parts accurately
holding for approximately 10 seconds. Bond will be instant.

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