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Spraygun Cleaning Kit

£29.67 Excl. VAT

A comprehensive kit to keep the spraygun clean and ready for use including Spraygun lube oil.

  • Handle and 6pc needle set.
  • Handle and 3pc detail brush.
  • 300mm pick-up tube brush.
  • 5pc Mini twist brush set.
  • Nylon bristle parts brush, brass pick up tube brush, 6mm HVLP brush and 12mm body cavity brush.

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

Quantity Discount (%) Unit Price
1 - 2 £35.60
3+ 9.98 % £32.05

The comprehensive kit is specifically designed to keep your spray gun in prime condition for optimal performance. With tools and cleaning agents included, it offers a thorough solution for removing residue and maintaining cleanliness. Ensuring your spray gun is always ready for immediate use, the kit goes beyond cleaning, also providing a specialised spray gun lube oil. This lubricating oil plays a crucial role in minimising friction and wear on moving parts, contributing to the overall efficiency and longevity of your spray gun. Regular use of this kit guarantees a well-maintained and reliable tool for all your spraying needs.


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