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Grinding & Cutting

Grinding & Cutting

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  1. 3" Cut-Off Wheel Tool

    • Vacuum Cut-Off Wheel Tool, for efficient cutting with dust and debris removal.
    • 3" Diameter, Right Angle, .4 hp, 12,000 RPM, Rear Exhaust. Ideal for use with optional 3" diameter Diamond Cut-Off Wheels.
    • Adjustable wheel guard has vacuum port (1" outside diameter) that diverts airborne dust and debris to optional vacuum source.
  2. 7" Disc Sander

    • 7" Dia., 1.3 hp, Right Angle Disc Sander with unique Vacuum Shroud captures most contaminants. This Central Vacuum Model (52597) runs free at 6,000 RPM and has a 5/8"-11 Male Spindle Thread. 1-1/4" diameter Swivel Cuff (96004) improves maneuverability. Tool includes Vibration Dampening Side Handle (53134) for left or right hand use.
    • Vacuum Shroud captures airborne contaminants such as Hexavalent Chromium. An essential tool for nuclear plants, aerospace, wind energy, and marine markets. For use on non-ferrous surfaces such as Carbon Fiber, Composites, Fiberglass, Turbine Blades, more.
    • Tool accepts optional 7" (178 mm) diameter Abrasive Discs with 7/8" (22 mm) center hole. Includes 51151 Backing Pad, which is 7" (178 mm) in diameter, and flange w/nut. Lightweight non-marring Vacuum Shroud is constructed of high-quality clear urethane. 3/4" (19 mm) high Shroud Brush (02342) assists in capture of airborne contaminants.
  3. Central Vacuum 3" Sander

    • Powerful .4 hp (298 W) Air Motor for Smooth, Controlled Sanding. Unique Vacuum Shroud Diverts Dust and Debris to Vacuum Source. For Use With 3" (76 mm) Diameter Locking-Type Abrasive Discs
    •  Vacuum Disc Sander powers 3" (76 mm) diameter Abrasive Discs, for efficient material removal on non-ferrous surfaces such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, painted aluminum and more. As tool is sanding, flexible Vacuum Shroud captures dust, debris and contaminants (including Hexavalent Chromium) to vacuum source - ensuring cleaner, safer workplace. This is an essential tool for aerospace, automotive, marine and transportation industries!
    • Each model includes 51346 Backing Pad, for 3" (76 mm) diameter locking-type abrasive discs. 1-1/4" (32 mm) diameter vacuum port ready for connection to external or central vacuum system.
  4. Central Vacuum 2" Sander

    • Flexible, non-marring Vacuum Shroud allows capture of dust, debris, and contaminants such as Hexavalent Chromium.
    • Each model includes 51344 Backing Pad, for 2" (51 mm) diameter locking-type abrasive discs.
    • Shroud angle of 6 degrees ensures ideal surface contact and maximum dust extraction.
  5. Vacuum Straight Die Grinder

    • Achieve rapid material removal with source capture. Gearless for less maintenance.
    • 1.0 hp (744 W) Vacuum Die Grinders are utilized for rapid material removal, precise finishing, polishing, deburring, and removal of parting lines and flash. For use with carbide burrs, rotary files, mounted points, roll cartridges, wheels and discs.
    • Model includes urethane Vacuum Shroud for efficient capture of dust, debris, and contaminants such as Hexavalent Chromium. For use on non-ferrous materials, such as fiberglass, carbon fiber and composites.
  6. Vacuum Drill

    • Self-generated vacuum tool includes 50682 exhaust hose (6' long) and 50683 reusable cloth bag. As tool is run, dust and debris are diverted through hose and into bag.
    • Vacuum shroud retracts to allow full view of work surface.
    • Convenient trigger mechanism allows easy one-hand operation of drill.
  7. Vacuum Pancil Grinder

    • These turbine-driven grinders are ideal for precision deburring and finishing on a variety of surfaces. High-efficiency air motor has no wearable gears, vanes or blades. Oil-free operation minimizes maintenance time and repair costs. Air motor is controlled with patented governor, providing constant tool speed under load. Quality high-speed bearings are included.
    • Housing has non-slip rubber grip for additional control. Tactile cues on shaft end alert operator to rotating collet area.
    • Changing of attachment is achieved with easy, two-wrench maneuver. Includes high-quality flexible air hose.
  8. Cutting Discs for Aluminium

    For further information on this product click the 'View Details' button to the right.

    From £1.63
  9. Cutting Discs for Stainless Steel

     A superior quality European manufactured range of extra thin cutting discs produced to O.S.A. Safety standards. Extremely fast and precise cutting with minimal effort required. Phoenix discs have been developed for precision cutting sheet metal and with strengthened core stability for reduced vibration. Our Phoenix Extra Thin Discs do not contain iron, sulphur or chlorine so are suitable for stainless steel cutting applications.

    From £1.50
  10. Grinding Discs For Aluminium

    Expert quality, heavy duty specialist Cutting and Grinding Discs designed specifically for use on aluminium and other non-ferrous materials. The composition of this specialist disc is designed so it is highly resistant to clogging and will protect against overheating the material. Made to O.S.A. Safety standards and marked with EN12413.

    From £2.57

    • Super-thin cutting discs are the ideal answer for cutting sections of aluminium.
    • Longer lasting & versatile
    • Outstanding cutting performance 
    From £1.38
  12. Cut-Off Discs (5)

    75mm x 1.0mm x 10mm

    From £14.74

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