Putting Your Composites to the Test

Composite manufacturing is at an all-time-high, both in the UK and globally. Demands on businesses are increasing as the need to create stronger, reliable and enduring products shows no sign of waning. The opportune moment to be in the industry you might say?

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Is Carbon Fibre the New Asbestos?

The amazing properties of this wonder composite ensured that widespread adoption and utilisation of carbon fibre was quick, and dominating. It’s fair to say that in the past decade or so that few new materials that have impacted the world quite like carbon fibre…

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rochfort surfboard with masking tape

Q&A: Talking With Brad From Rochfort Custom Surfboards

Brad is fully in touch with the surfing industry and regularly visits the top surfboard manufacturers throughout the UK to discuss the latest technology in fins, boards and other product innovations. I caught up with him to gain insight into this £3B industry where composites play a huge role.

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painting a yacht

How Composite Materials Are Put To Use In The Marine Industry

Arguably the most successful composite to come out of the post fibreglass arms race was carbon fibre. It improves upon fibreglass in many ways, and as an added benefit many people love the way it looks. Used widely throughout sailing teams where performance is critical, carbon fibre is abundant in luxurious powerboats and leisure yachts for aesthetics and to demonstrate that no expense was spared.

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