Aeronix Technologies Vacuum Breather Fabric

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  • A non-woven polyester/polyamide felt fabric
  • Good breather performance
  • Efficient bleeder at any pressure
  • Conforms to complex shapes
  • Max working temp: 200˚C
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150gsm (1500mm x 100m)
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340gsm (1500mm x 50m)
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3+: £89.32 £107.18

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  • A non-woven polyester/polyamide felt fabric suitable for use as a breather layer when vacuum bagging laminates
  • Good breather performance at low pressure to ensure complete evacuation of air from vacuum bag
  • Efficient bleeder at any pressure for controlled resin bleed
  • Conforms to complex shapes thanks to its good drape and stretch properties
  • Max working temp: 200˚C


Aeronix Technologies are known for manufacturing high quality, innovative tools and consumable products for the Composite manufacturing industries. Their range of products includes everything from vacuum bagging films, peel ply’s and release films through to vacuum pumps, catch-pots, gauges and everything in-between.


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