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Finishing Products

Finishing Products

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  1. BAXT W6 Double Sided Lambswool Polishing Head

    • Double sided buffing pad with unique flexing action
    • Reduces swirl marks and minimises the risk of burn on working surfaces
    • Soft protected edge allows contour polishing
    From £9.20
  2. BAXT M3 Mini 77mm Lambswool Polishing Head

    • Velcro backing allows rapid fitting and removal from back plate
    • Gives a greater cut than foam
    • Leaves few swirl marks and a high gloss finish
    From £4.62
  3. BAXT O4 Orange Compound foam

    Gives a firm & precise application when compounding

    From £13.20
  4. BAXT Stockinette Roll - White - 800g

    100% cotton. Ideal for cleaning and polishing.

  5. BAXT B5 Polishing Foam - pack 2

    • Ideal for automotive and marine applications.
    • Compatible with 150mm hook and loop backing pads.
    • Depth 25mm
  6. BAXT M1 Mini Compound Head - 77mm

    Mini compounding foam for hard to reach areas.

  7. BAXT B2 M14 Polishing Head - 150 x 50mm

    High quality soft foam for polishing.

  8. BAXT B8 Velcro Polishing Foam - 150 x 40mm

    High quality soft foam pad for polishing.

  9. BAXT R5 Red Waffle Head - 150 x 25mm

    Designed with waffle pattern to improve the paste effect and to reduce time.

  10. BAXT Mutton Cloth Roll - 800g

    Soft white stockinette polishing cloth

  11. BAXT W1 M14 Compounding Foam - M14 Foam

    High quality foam pad for compounding


Showing 1-12 of 13 results

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