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BAXT Abrasives Buying Guide

The range of abrasive products offered by BAXT has raised the bar by offering a premium range with competitive pricing

BAXT manufacture a wide assortment of abrasives and are quickly becoming a global leader in superior sanding and finishing products. BAXT strive to not only match the market-leading products but surpass them by innovating key unique features. This has resulted in an incomparable range of abrasives envied by all other abrasive manufactures.

As new composite material technology evolves within the Aerospace, Marine and Automotive industries so does BAXT’s extensive range of abrasives. Invest in BAXT the most up to date and high-performance consumables available.

BAXT D6 Velcro Abrasive Disc

The D6 from BAXT has been on the market for a while now, and we are still waiting for their competition to produce something that can compete. In our opinion, it outperforms all other brands in terms of price, efficiency, and durability.

It is available in a wide range of grits (P40 through to P1000) and its abrasive is crafted from the highest quality aluminium oxide particulate. This enables an exceptional amount of abrasion on even the toughest surfaces – including clear coat and primers.

The D6 is perfectly designed to retain integrity and operational effectiveness in high-speed sanding situations. It does this through a range of features that have been specifically engineered into this outstanding product.

The D6 is comprised of a unique combination of sanding grit, material bonding, and an anti-coagulating coating. The coating that covers each and every D6 disc has been formulated to combat the all too common issue of clogging and pill forming. (Don’t think this is just a marketing gimmick, this almost magical coating blew our minds when we put it to the test.)

We have to be honest, the D6 is one of the most durable, long lasting abrasive discs we have ever had the pleasure of using.

Nothing else really comes close to it at this price point.

BAXT S6 Abrasive Sponge Discs

10885 CONF 11378 3The BAXT S6 sponge disc has been specifically designed for those jobs where rigid discs just don’t cut the mustard. Their soft sponge material excels at providing a smooth and efficient sanding experience on all surfaces.

Rounded gradients, corners, angled edges, and all other non-flat surfaces will be at the mercy of the S6 (without the risk of pressure marks thanks to its uniform pressure distribution).

What makes the S6 so special to us is the obviously precision-engineered density of the foam that is used on the disc. It is dense enough to ensure adequate and uniform abrasion, but soft enough to prevent cutting through lacquer when being used on edges or roundings. It is primarily designed for use wet but is just as comfortable at getting the job done with dry usage.

Its one of the best tools for the job at this low price point.

BAXT DX6 Velcro Abrasive Film Discs

The DX6 is one of the longest lasting abrasive film discs we have ever used. Its polyester backing ensures an even abrasive surface (with flexibility) that delivers an ultra smooth finish every single time.

dx6 mock up openThe DX6 is available in various grits ranging from P500 to P2000 and they are indispensable for use during polishing and blending. This is one of the hardest working and longest lasting polyester backed discs on the market thanks to several innovative features. For example, its 15 hole ventilation configuration allows consistent and efficient removal of particulate and reduces the amount of airborne dust significantly.

Like the D6 the DF6 is also covered with BAXT’s advanced anti-clogging coating that reduces the amount of clogging and pill formation massively. These two features on their own would already provide a long lasting hard working disc. But when they are combined with the fact that film discs (of any brand) last 3X longer than paper discs – the workable lifespan of these discs almost becomes silly. A must try, you will never look back.

BAXT ST7 Sanding Strips

The ST7 has been expertly engineered to produce minimal amounts of dust and fine particulate during sanding and can be machine or hand operated. This makes them ideal for people like auto detailers or yacht finishers where extreme cleanliness is essential.

st7 situation shot 03

The ST7 range is incredibly versatile and is available in two different lengths (198mm and 420mm), and they are available in a wide range of grits (P40 to P400). This ensures the ST7 range can be used in every situation, from large areas requiring heavy abrasion through to smaller areas that need detailed and delicate precision. The abrasive particulate is manufactured under incredibly stringent conditions and is highly uniform across every strip. This results in a much cleaner finish, in a shorter amount of time (and it means you will need to much less refinishing work).

Like nearly all the other products BAXT produces, durability is off the scale compared to other brands. The ST7 range lasts 30% longer (on average) when compared to similar products of a different brand. Again this is mainly due to the same anti-clogging coating.

BAXT SR3 Finishing Roll

The SR3 finishing roll is one of our all-time favourites from BAXT. No matter how much we use it, it just never seems to run out. Pound for pound, it lasts longer than all other finishing rolls we have used. 

BAXT SR3 Finishing RollIt is available in two grits which are colour coded for ease of use. The red SR3 is “Very Fine” and the grey SR3 is “Ultra Fine”. Both of these rolls are cushioned and their 3D nature ensures that they will be at home working on either flat or contoured surfaces.

The non-woven web of nylon is impregnated with grain abrasive bonded synthetic resin – all of which is manufactured using BAXT’s even abrasive particulate distribution technology.

Highly recommended.

BAXT R3 / R4 Velcro Abrasive Roll

The R3 and the R4 from BAXT represent the pinnacle of velcro abrasive technology. Both the R3 and R4 are available in 25 Meter rolls. The only difference between them is the width (The R3 is 77mm wide and the R4 is 115mm wide). 

Abrasive rollThese two widths combined with the wide range of grits available (P40 to P400) ensures that the R3 and R4 will be suitable for use in a huge range of situations.
The handy roll can be cut to whatever specific size you need, ensuring it will work seamlessly with any size sanding board.

By using the precision-engineered abrasive particulate distribution system that BAXT use on all of their products – both of these rolls will result in a clear, smooth finish that will require minimal resanding.

Both the R3 and R4 are highly durable made from incredibly thick heavyweight paper that is both long lasting and flexible. The R3 and R4 last on average 30% longer than other brands thanks to the advanced non-clogging coating. (I know we keep mentioning this coating, but honestly – it’s impressive).

The Final Word..

So there you have it. As you might have guessed by now, we really rate this brand highly. BAXT made a huge claim by naming their brand the way they did, and we think they earned the right to it.

If you have never tried them before, we highly recommend you give them a go next time you need to order new stock.

The bottom line is that their products are more durable, higher performing (and usually cheaper than) most of the other options on the market.

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