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Enhancing Workplace Safety and Comfort with the BAXT C7 Disposable Coverall

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Client Overview

A leading composite manufacturing company sought to upgrade their personal protection equipment for workers in their spray booth to enhance safety and comfort while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The company required coveralls that offered superior breathability, durability, and protection against various workplace hazards.



The manufacturing environment posed several challenges, including exposure to dust, grime, and liquid splashes. Additionally, the protective gear needed to be comfortable for long durations to ensure worker productivity and compliance with safety protocols.



The company opted for the BAXT C7 Disposable Coverall, which provided the following key benefits:

  • 30% More Breathable Than Leading Competitors: Tested using BS3424: Part 34: Method 37 for Moisture Vapour Permeability, the BAXT C7 offered superior comfort by allowing more moisture vapour to escape through the fabric.80% Less Liquid

  • Penetration: Tested with BS EN20811 – Hydrostatic Head, the BAXT C7 ensured exceptional protection against liquid penetration, significantly reducing safety risks.

  • Strong seam: Featuring a seam with three interlocked threads, the coverall provided enhanced durability around raw fabric edges, crucial for extended use in demanding environments.

  • Technically Advanced Film: The BAXT C7’s material led the market in breathability and protection, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Virtually Lint-Free: This feature minimises contamination risks, especially important in environments requiring high cleanliness standards.
  • Certified to EN14126: The coverall met the standards for resistance to infectious agents, adding an extra layer of security for the workers.
  • Suitable for Dust and Splash Applications: Versatile protection ensured that workers remained safe in various hazardous conditions.
  • Three-Piece Gusset: Designed for added strength, reducing the risk of tearing, and increasing the coverall’s longevity.
  • CE Types 5 & 6 Certification: Provided reliable protection against dust and light splashes, complying with essential safety standards.

Comparison of BAXT C7 Coverall vs. Industry-Leading Product

The attached images compare the fabric structure of the BAXT C7 Coverall with that of an industry-leading product.

BAXT C7 Coverall (200x zoom)

The below image shows the BAXT C7 fabric, which is highly breathable due to the ample space between the fibres. This structure allows air to pass through easily while maintaining a sealed surface for maximum protection.

Industry Leading Coverall (200x zoom)

The second image displays the fabric of an industry-leading coverall. Here, the fibres are more tightly packed, indicating reduced breathability. Additionally, the fabric appears porous and less uniformly sealed, which may compromise its protective capabilities.

a close-up of a image of industry leading product

These microscopic images highlight the superior breathability and sealing efficiency of the BAXT C7, making it a better choice for ensuring both comfort and protection.

After implementing the BAXT C7 Disposable Coverall, the manufacturing company observed several positive outcomes:

Enhanced Worker Comfort and Productivity: The superior breathability and comfort of the BAXT C7 allowed workers to remain comfortable during long shifts, leading to increased productivity.
Improved Safety Compliance: With its high level of protection against dust, liquids, and infectious agents, the coverall helped the company maintain strict safety standards.

Cost-Effective Protection: The durable and long-lasting nature of the BAXT C7 provided a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for frequent replacements.


The BAXT C7 Disposable Coverall proved to be an effective solution for the manufacturing company, enhancing both worker safety and comfort. By choosing the BAXT C7, the company was able to achieve a higher standard of workplace safety while ensuring their employees remained comfortable and productive.

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