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Effective Stock Taking with the DTC Hub

The DTC Hub was built to make ordering consumables less hassle and was created with the guiding principles of “Faster, Easier and Efficient”. We’re often told by our customers that ordering consumables is a huge headache and admin task in the manufacturing industry, and the Hub is designed to address just that, freeing your team from unnecessary burdens, and streamlining your ordering process.

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What is the DTC Hub?

The Hub is simply an online trade-exclusive platform for you to place orders, manage stock and take control of your consumable’s purchases. There are five key features:

1: Scan & Go

Build a list of your favourite items directly from your mobile phone. Using the web app, simply walk around your stock room and scan barcodes, enter quantities, and then order. Simple as that.

2: Rapid Order

Like scan and go, but ideal for desktop admin. Run through your favourites and enter quantities directly into your basket and then order. Done.

3: Stock Take

Preset your maximum stock levels, and then scan and input the stock there is on the shelf, and the Hub will order exactly what you need when you’re running low.

We’ll be delving into more depth on this particular feature in this article – keep reading to find out more about our stock taking system!

4: Stock Control

This is for users who need detailed traceability and control over their processes and stock usage. Simply record stock consumption every time an item is taken from the stores, and the Hub does the rest and analyses usage by job, product, or team. Then simply create an order to replenish stock levels.

5: Compliance

This is a handy repository and reminder system for all your compliance documents in one place. Upload your documents for machine and equipment onto the Hub, and then you can track expiry dates and get notifications when renewal dates approach.

DTC Hub Video

Here’s a quick video of the Hub and its functions:

Hub feature focus: Stock Taking System

The Stock Take module is a key part of the Hub’s functionality and has the potential to dramatically improve your consumables purchasing. Based on lean manufacturing Kanban principles, you can take control of your stock and only order what’s needed – no more overspending and shelves overstocked and spilling off the shelves!

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Easy refill process

The Hub Stock Taking system is incredibly easy to set up and use. Once you’ve set up a maximum limit of how much stock of each item you’d like to keep at any time, you’re ready to use the system. At regular intervals, or whenever needed, you simply scan the DTC-supplied barcodes on each shelf and enter the stock that you see on the shelf. The Hub figures out the rest and tells you what you need to order.

This part of the process can be delegated to shop-floor colleagues, saving even more time and admin.

More than one stock location? No problem. You can set up any number of stock locations, all controlled individually so that you never run out again.

Keep the optimal amount of stock

Once you’ve set up stock quantities, it’s easy to adjust them in the future from the Hub desktop module. No longer use a product? Just delete it. Need to add new products? Simply add the stock code and print off new labels, and you’re good to go.

Additionally, if you use the Stock Control module, stock levels are kept up to date in real time, so you can see exactly what’s on the shelf without doing manual ordering.

Conclusion – cut costs and work more efficiently

As we said at the beginning, the DTC hub is designed to make your stock management “Faster, Easier, and Efficient”. Say goodbye to wasting time doing manual pen and paper stock checks, only to find you’ve overlooked a vital product as soon as you’ve placed an order.

The Hub is in your hands to cut costs and stop waste.

If you’re not one of the thousands of happy Hub users already, sign up today:

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