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Electric Polishers Buying Guide

We supply electric polishers to a range of industries, here are 4 of our favourites and why:

electric polishers buying guideAs anyone in the finishing industries will probably already know, there is a huge amount of variation in the quality of different electric polishers.

If you do a little research and get one of the good ones, you can save yourself countless hours of work, and you can achieve a better shine with less fatigue.

We stock a wide range of quality electric polishers suitable for a variety of applications. Whether you are polishing a car, boat, plane or train we stock the ideal product solution for your requirement.

Here we are going to take a look at some of our best selling electric polishers, and tell you what we like (and don’t like) about them.

Rupes Compact Electric Polisher 240v (LH18ENS)

Rupes are no stranger to making critically acclaimed products. Their LH18ENS Electric Polisher has been reviewed favourably time and time again – and was even “Highly Recommended 9/10” in Sailing Today magazine.

The first thing you will notice when you pick up the LH18ENS is just how light it is. This is a product that you will be able to use for hours on end with minimal fatigue.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the LH18ENS is its power to weight ratio.

Now we know that this product is not the only electric polisher in the world to be lightweight. But it is one of a select few that is both light and powerful. This makes it great for extended use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The finish the LH18ENS achieves is nothing short of brilliant. It provides an incredibly even polish from its 8” disk and will bring surfaces to a shine in record time. It has several features (that are more than just marketing gimmicks) that can complement your workflow, and get you results quicker than ever before.

It has double gearing and an adjustable speed control to allow you to tailor the intensity depending upon the surface and shine required. It also has a “soft start” feature which allows the LH18ENS to gently (but still quickly) accelerate up to the speed you set – which reduces kick and increases comfort.

This is not the largest electric polisher in the world, so it is better suited to smaller applications. It is perfect for anyone in the automotive finishing industries, and smaller marine applications.

Our Verdict

The LH18ENS is one of our favourite electric polishers. We usually recommend this to anyone who needs a compact, lightweight, yet powerful polisher. It is certainly something you should add to your shortlist for consideration.

Festool Shinex

The Shinex from Festool is another popular electric polisher that is (in our opinion) the market leading option. 

e 11894 1It has several features you would expect to see on a professional polisher of this calibre. We particularly like the variable speed trigger that allows you to customise the intensity of your polishing without having to stop working to set the speed.

Like the LH18ENS above, it is a lightweight polisher that packs a large amount of power. Again this favourable power to weight ratio means that operators can use the Shinex for longer than other lower quality models before fatigue sets in.

It is perfectly suited for smaller applications (like the automotive industry), and can work with a wide range of surface materials – horizontally, or vertically.

Our Verdict

There is nothing not to like about the Shinex from Festool, it’s a great polisher. However, the main reason we don’t recommend it as often as the LH18ENS we reviewed above is the price. Performance wise the two products are nearly identical, but the LH18ENS is around £150 cheaper.

That’s not to say that Festool is not an excellent option, you would expect a longer product lifespan from the Shinex due to it’s high build quality. The powerful motors are able to withstand extended periods of heavy use.

Makita 9227CB 240v

Electric polishers that are suited for larger applications (like larger automotive and marine applications) are inherently heavier than smaller lightweight models. The additional power and size come at the cost of comfort.

However, it is not impossible for an electric polisher to be both heavy and comfortable at the same time. This Makita Electric Polisher has been ergonomically engineered at every step of the design process to ensure operators can use the product in the maximum amount of comfort possible.

It has an ergonomically designed loop handle that can easily, securely, and comfortably be gripped from any angle. Making it perfect for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

The speed dial on the Makita is not mounted on the trigger like some other models. For higher powered polishers like this, we see this as a strength – not a weakness. The ability to consistently and accurately set the speed to as high (or as low) as you want via a knob on the side of the device ensures you get the exact speed (and finish) you want.

Switching between pad types is super easy on the Makita thanks to its Velcro buff attachment mechanism, simply pull it off, slip a new one on – and you are ready to polish again in a matter of seconds. With the awesome build quality of the Makita, there is no slipping or sliding of the buff while in use. It uses is super strong, industrial strength Velcro that is more than up to the job.

Our Verdict

This is our go-to recommendation for people who are looking for a polisher more suited to larger applications. It’s well priced considering its impeccable quality and is a tool that will allow you to get the finish you want, when you want it.

An ideal solution for marine users, this Makita polisher will make large yacht polishing procedures far more efficient and comfortable. We would recommend this polishing solution for a variety of our typical customers involved in commercial vehicle and aviation users.

Festool Polux 180mm Electric Rotary Polisher

The second Festool product in this article is certainly worthy of a mention. The Polux 180mm Electric Rotary Polisher is a great product that works well. But it does have a few weaknesses compared to the Makita above. For example, the Festool is heavier than the Makita. It’s not much heavier, but it’s enough to notice the difference after 30 minutes or so of use.

Performance wise the products are about the same, although the Makita has a higher max RPM range. They both provide an excellent finish, stable speeds, and are reasonably comfortable to use. However, the Festool does not have the ergonomic loop handle that the Makita does – which makes it a little more fatiguing and awkward to use in certain situations.

Our Verdict

If the Festool and the Makita were priced reasonably similarly we would probably recommend them both to potential customers – they are both excellent products. But because the Festool is considerably more expensive than the Makita (and does not have any significant advantages) we advise people to get the Makita instead.

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